A Comprehensive Look at Angels
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Many religions believe in one or more kinds of Angel, or a semi-divine being that serves the good gods. Personally, the concept of 'quasi-divine' entities that exist only to serve a deity reminds me of a tapeworm.

Over the years, several sentients on Earth (And indeed a few places offworld) have allegedly had an encounter with an angelic being. In reality, however, when I took a close look at many of these 'encounters,' I discovered that approximately 75% of angelic encounters were in fact cases of misidentification of a rare or unusual species, and 20% were hoaxes. Ironically, most 'Angels' encountered were in fact demons posing as angels to gain the trust of a potential victim. But this still leaves 5%.

Of the 5% of encounters, 75% of the individuals were stricken with a previously unidentified mental illness of varying severity. However, the remaining 25% of the encounters were in fact angelic, in my opinion. The species I encountered (Which I have tentatively classified as Memetivorcus divinus) is a symbiotic memetic organism with a partial biological component. While very rare, species with a similar nature have been recorded in the past. Poltergeists (Ouijis hominus) are a good example.

M. divinus is indeed corporal, but the stereotypical 'man with wings' and 'Ball of holy light' was far from the truth. See, memetic organisms take the shape of whatever the most people believe they look like. After a few minutes with my encounter with this angel, I realized this fact and used a quick spell which would cancel out this effect. The results were horrifying to say the least.

M. divinus, in its true form, resembles a massive ball of greyed flesh with several mouths and fingers haphazardly strewn about its body. It has long tendrils of what seems to be umbilical cords extending from beneath it, which makes it loosely resemble a jellyfish. Keeping myself from shrieking and vomiting from the horror before me, I captured the creature within a Naturalist's Jar and quickly went home. I have yet to release the abomination from its confinement into my Menagerie for further study. From my field study however, I am able to say with a fair amount of certainty that the foul creature in the container is NOT demonic.

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