A Point In 7
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"wishing to give as much as one takes personally. .. . you can get so sad sometimes
you can

how good it feels alone without psychic torture while working, can't turn empathy off while guilt and shame of self sets in

here no matter how sad I amget I am calm I am me I am a point in 7, stuck here in 3 while time is 4 and 5 is all different and 6 is all possible

hungry for what I don't know I feed when I can't feed I sleep when I can't sleep I dream i try to dream so hard sometimes but then nothing comes out and I scream for days silently but really i just hold on so tight to the inside of my self where no one else can hear and just



we thought we used to know what justice was before the trees were polyuryethane and the money melted in our hands like sweet, sweet chocolate. we danced like witches white naked manchildren in the night remembering nothing but feeling all and then what


do you know about the other places where you can go ; ; I can only find the dark ones but if you go far enough there is a light a light that shines so bright in everyone's dark places and well there are so many places I have to go."

-Page Twenty Seven of of the Cyphers

Notes: We haven't found any other pieces of writing by this author in the Cyphers (so far) but a colleague brought another text to my attention recently that might be connected. Obviously I will be devoting a lot time and study to and for this. Initially, I was drawn to this page because of the handwriting. It's very messy, but it has this quality of flow to it. I know it sounds irrational but it almost looks like mine, but different. Just… just humor me here. -Fenton Bradley

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