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  • 1/01/2014: Happy New Year, to all of our patrons!
  • 5/1/13: The Orientation has been rewritten. Go check it out.
  • 4/12/13: A month-delayed post - sorry! As announced elsewhere (well, on this page before we edited it), here's the results of our first contest! Congrats to Roget, the first-place winner! And congrats to Ihpkmn and Rumetzen, who split second place between the two of them. Some of the winning articles will be featured in coming weeks, starting now.
  • 1/21/13: Check out the Library's new TV Tropes page. Major credit to rumetzen for putting this together.
  • 11/04/12: WE LOVE YOU TROY.
  • 11/03/12: The site was made infinitely more classy by Troy, who has fixed up the sidebar, prettied up the front page, and done other numerous fixes. Any problems should be reported to him in chat.
  • 7/12/12: We now have a dedicated chatroom. Go here to the Real-Time Chat link to join us!
  • 7/11/12: The Orientation page for new members is now up. Go there to have your questions answered!
  • 7/11/12: We now have an actual Site Rules page. Also, we now have two FAQs, one for site questions (same page), and one for questions about the universe, because the first FAQ got so big.
  • 7/8/12: We now have a FAQ! If you want to know how this site works, go there and read it, and leave your questions.
  • The Distant Past: The Library is finally up! Yay! Please leave us comments on the current stories! We'd like to know what to do more of, or what to do less of, etc.
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