Bad dream.
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[[In rewrite! From scratch, page may or may not be deleted]]

You take a second to focus.

Every breath feels heavy, like if you were stabbing your own lungs, every blink creeps under your skin, like an eternity of black meaningless void.

The scarlet red paints your hands, the eeriee smell attacking your nose as your mind fills the blanks with that typical metalic taste.

Your ears are ringing along the deafening silence that floods your surroundings.

What is happening? Who knows, not you of course, but I safely bet you wish you did.

The slow realization that the blood staining your clothes isn't yours creeks in your thoughts, and it is everything but relieving to know.

You try looking around, but everything looks like a confusing, nonsensical blur, the input from your eyes coming as a dark distorted mess to your brain.

Trying to call for help seems futile, too. Your lips may be moving, but everything that comes out is a soundless whimper of fear; and it is not like your brain can come up with any words to say anyway.

You hear a pained moan nearby and suddenly a wave of adrenaline wakes you from your haze.

Disturbingly enough, you find your body moving on it's own, you are too tired to understand your own movements, you are too tired to remember.

Keep quiet, keep still.

Don't cry, don't scream.

This is all, just a bad dream.

-in the dream journal of a lonely writer, whose life was lost to a sulky moon in a thousand sleepless nights.

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