Best Page 2019
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Greetings to all that may come visit this way! I hope you've kept up with the bunnies of day, and read all sorts of wonderful things, from runes in space, to a wall that sings. If you'd like to see more, there's not much to find, except some ghosts and some quality time.

As far as my life and my current affairs, you just need to know that I have time to spare: whether it's to read a draft, or love this place, talking to other writers puts a smile on my face! This place was my first home in May, and I've been rewarded quite right, with a fancy Wordsmith role on the discord, and a job to Moderate this site.

You might not hear from me so much when school comes around, but be safe knowing that I'm often in town ^^ .

If you have any requests for a poem, feel free to ask! I'm especially grateful for those daunting tasks.


Anyway, expect more prose from me soon, perhaps even in French one day. I am always improving.

—Avelon21, Best and Only Page of the Summer of 2019.

Everything I've written, including Other Stuff that I don't have the patience to integrate above yet:

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