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Perched atop a single massive rock floating through the expansive Void, an endless collection of skyscrapers, superstructures, flats, and other assorted constructs sat destitute and unpopulated for countless centuries. Those inconvenienced enough to be forced to pass through the city, merely several thousand kilometers in size, were subject to the putrid rot of biological matter, vaporized rock, and a monotonous static scent thanks to the notable radioactivity ever-present in the settlement.

To boot, the redundant supply of horrors detailed in documents, photographs, and elementary footage littered throughout added to the distaste; complimented by the hate-filled language of the cursed souls who once inhabited this wasteland. Though all so long ago, if you find yourself lucky enough to find someone with endless free time, you may see to it that they have some inkling of what this strange place once was. It wasn't very magnificent, though the bipeds that called it home thought of it with much splendor; they constantly fought and toiled over it, and before not too long, what they did have was reduced to…


They unleashed horrors after horrors — each uncountably far worse from the last until they themselves were sent back to the soil from whence they first emerged. What these horrors were are still much of a mystery; however, few have found themselves to care much regarding anything that may have happened there. Though, what is certain, the name 'Castle Bravo' will still remain fixed to the minds of those who may stare into the once lively abyss forever. Either way, they never went far, even with such great potential.


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