carolynn slimy


newest piece: a prose poem about a breakup, ivy, hurt, care: Breakup Poem

a poem about a stolen peach: I keep peaches where ants can reach them

a poem about tough family shit: How I Got My First Guitar

a poemy poem about green light and yearning: Dressed in Greens

a poem about the goddess demeter and healing: This Season's Berries

a poem about things i would like to buy: General Store

a prose poem about aliens that do not form groups and are not brittle: Cells

a poem about the city, yarn, and an urban planner: I often think of the City; I often think of it when I am thinking of you.

an essay about poetry writing: Poetry as Distillation: A Guide for Good Poemsalso on that other site!

a poem about the nature of claiming spaces in the city, written for a departed friend (and my favorite work of mine): Glass Apartments (For Janelle)

a poem about the density of haunting in which i experiment with syntax: Chladni Figure

a prose and song about my grandfather's passing: Bridge Built of War Films

songs emulating improvisational live music by me and others: Serpentsongs

a poem about feeling romance for a feeling in absence of company: I Have Fallen In Love

a poem about derealization through the perspective of an interdimensional thing: Realmhopper's Vertigo

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