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It's a dark morning day. You step out of your pineapple under the sea to see Mr. eggshells banging your Portuguese hamster. Your hamster dies of frequent penetration. What do you do?

a. Thank Mr. eggshells.
b. ask how Mr. eggshells is doing today.
c. give Mr. eggshells your whole rent.
d. I want to be rude and not talk to Mr.eggshell.

You're a teacher. You're an Asexual and obstinate man of the lord. You've never done a single wrong thing in your life, and even if you did, it would be satans fault. Suddenly one of your student's protestant moms walks over and accuses you of roofying her at the bar and dressing her up as your lord and savior, (with a wig and an outfit as proof) FLO from the progressive commercials. What do you do?

a. Hail the mighty Lord in your presence.
b. Do the whoo hoo.
c. use one of the 5-year-olds from your class as a sacrifice to appease her.
d. nothing cause she's wrong.

You see a Black person.

What do you think?

Whatever it was it wasn't not valid.

You finish your test, it was a long day at school and you can finally leave. You then head home with your friends, eat dinner, and go to bed. What happens the next day at school?

a. you have a normal life. BECAUSE YOUR BORING!!!
b. You stab your eraser multiple times. So haaaaaard, in fact, the class watches you for 30 minutes and the teacher calls the cops because you've moved onto your best friend, So you kill her and take all of your lithium and overdose.
c. After school, you go to the washroom. That's when you see him, your crush. They look angry maybe a little murderous, standing in a cat in the hat costume. He snapped a belt straight on your first observation of the situation. What do you do?

a. Love is always the answer
b. see what he does next.
c. join him.
d. get out a chikorita pokemon plushie and see where it goes from there.

Your bus driver farted no one cared. On your way to the bus stop, you see Lindsey Lohan Lindsey Lohaning by a tree with the president's labradoodle you pass her without incident. But then you see some fucking asss hole taking up time at the vending machine. That counts as statutory rape!!

a. I spring from my clown cop car with my trusty magnum dong and give him the whats for.
b. I kill a cat from being so mad.
c. the cat kills me from being so mad.
d. I'm very mad.


If all or most of your answers were A, you have no life.

If all or most your answers were B, you are a very sexually curious individual.

If all or most your answers were C, you are very violent and deserve to die

If all or most your answers were D, you are antisocial and angry at plushies

I hope this quiz helped you learn something about yourself, goodbye I wuv you

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