CORRUPTION: the last few days of a Nobel man


My name is Urn I have spent my life or i think i did studying an epidemic that has been spreading slowly across the infinity-verse, I have located the point of origin for this epidemic most people call it the corruption but first i need to explain what it is well it is an old legend told by many telling of a greater evil that will consume all light and gods and well you see there was this city that was built outside of time where dimensional travelers go to get equipment and sustenance some even live there a couple of hours or minutes maybe years as i said it is outside of time but half of it was blown apart by something that came from the void this kinda of leftovers from the big bang anyway something attacked the city and this plague started to spread in the half that was attacked it made the inflicted into mindless shells of themselves that are completely black they lose everything their abilities and knowledge and i started to research it and i came here to this island in a ocean planet the flora look like the inflicted so this must be the start of it all i will be only be logging things that are interesting so there might be gaps

DAY 16

i have now seen fauna they are mostly dark colors but they are not affected by the plague at all, i captured one and it started to turn into a liquid much like ink it then dissolved completely then melded to the ground sprouting a tree sapling i never seen anything like this i took a sample and it melted into my hand AMAZING. less and less flora is in my path it is starting to look much like a road

DAY 20

the hand that the plant melted in to is now black and is spreading up my arm i am losing feeling in it as well and my bones are now nonexistent i am able to bend it like rubber i am now on a complete road like ones in London but with trees not houses and shops the flora do not use photosynthesis to eat they eat rocks and metal how i know this they told me i have run out of provisions and my infection is now up to my elbow and some parts of the leg

DAY 79

they whisper to me they go boo boo boom in my ear i see light but it is a lie. my journal has been accessed by another person i am unable to get the ink or whatever it is off on another note the flora fruit is safe to eat tastes much like apples

DAY 656

i have discovered a solid rock of Astatine with seven names carved in it cane,able,Gabriel,Adam,eve,Lucifer and Atarah all related to Christianity but i must mover forward, seven names seven seals they will cause the end no matter witch side they are on god has left and he is dead why do we worship a man with no head

DAY 666

this island is cursed with the devils breed the crimson king will have his way and gods will die with the blood of angels the end is near all will be purged by mortem all will die by his hand and we will bleed for anew

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