Discourse on the inner working of anomalies
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Held in Roma Newïos, IV Roman Empire, on July 15th 1963 AD by Dr. Carl Gustav von Jung, professor of Hyperphysics at the University of Wolkiserwa.
The speech was originally made in Modern European, this is a translation by Jack Churchill in 1973.

My fellow scholars, since the Skijt Mannusos appeared in Vienna, in 1867 as I remember, we have discovered and studied and analysed a series of anomalous objects of unknown origin, de facto creating the field of studies of Hyperphysics. The reason why needed Hyperphysics was simple: what we found under Vienna and we knew was under the countries of Benelux, now the megalopolis of Roma Newïos and our capital, defied every and all explanation we had, and still have, in physics, chemistry, and ontology, therefore we needed a new science, a new philosophy, to explain it. Thus, Hyperphysics was born, for what we found, what we all in this room have some degree of interest in, was beyond nature itself, beyond the physis we knew and described since the time of the ancient Europeans. Now the IV Roman Empire, the IV European Reich, guided first by Emperor Franz Joseph von Habsburg and now by Emperor Franz Joseph Ferdinand von Habsburg, have revolutionized the warfare using anomalies by studying, replicating, and using such anomalies. We created trains, cars, tanks, machine guns, machine rocket launchers and planes using these marvelous objects. We colonized four solar systems. We improved factory output. We revolutionized medicine. We created the modern world. However for as much as we know of these marvelous objects, we still haven't figured any laws regarding them nor their origin. But today I'll tell you that the reason we haven't discovered any of the laws that govern them is that they have none, for their origin is that of chaos. True chaos. It is my theory that our reality is one of many. Each moment—nay, each infinitely brief moment—a new reality, all part of a great matrix, which constitutes the basic physical laws which govern all these realities, is born. All these realities have a common origin and all split from each other in one point in time. A matrix is a part of a clade, which is formed by a reality, or multiple realities, of higher clade. These realities are part of a matrix and a clade, which are created by a reality of an higher clade and so on. So, you may be asking, how do you explain the Wanderer's Library? To which I say to wait to let me explain it better how this clade and matrix are created, for in truth, I tell you, my fellows, that a clade is but a collection of fantasies from a reality of higher clade and a matrix is a collection of those fantasies that share a common physics. As we can modify at any degree our fantasies, such as books, TV programs, radio programs and so on, those from higher clade realities can modify theirs, the only exception being that among their fantasies are our reality. So the anomalies are nothing but an interesting "narrative vessel" to make their stories more engaging and they have deliberately made no explanation within the rules of our matrix for the anomalies. As such, their origin is that of "narrative vessel" or an interesting "world building spin" for them, explaining why they defy every physical rule. We are nothing but characters in a story for someone. So the Wanderer's Library is nothing but a published collection of drafts of one or many authors invested in our matrix, and the Library itself is only the context of such a collection. I think that it exists analogous to the Library, somewhere in this matrix, having the form of a laptop, or a forest with only an old man living there and so on. But you should at least know, and I'm leaving you with that, that it exists infinite clade below and above us, meaning that our fantasies have fantasies and that those who fantasized us have also been fantasized from someone. Thank you very much.

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