Everyone Only Suffers
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The Whoremonger Chief Cadet stepped into the preparation room of the Interstellar Spacecraft, each one of those that gazed at him bowed down out of respect, as authorized for any soldier as soon as a superior ranking arrives. The Spacecraft was taking fire as the pilot, and the gunner at the bottom of the ship tried their best to postpone the rival forces that menaced many, many lives. Of course, this was certainly not the only spaceship in here, as the Whoremongers sent a prodigious army into the fight - making the divulgence between the pilots very, very requisite.

But it did not seem bright for the Whoremongorian horde, rival debacles seemed to occur less than for the Whoremongers, sending them into the vacuity that is filling the space and eventually bringing upon their decease by the lack of oxygen. But they have never gave up, and never will - everyone were too determined to fall back at this point; They just have to reach a specific end.

"Sir, we are taking excessive fire from the rival side. We are not sure if we can win this one, shall we retreat?" One of the Troopers spoke aloud, as the others agreed. But the Chief did not.

"Unapproved. We can not stop at such moment. You really want us to return while looking alike with fools?"

"Roger." In a sorrowed manner, the Troopers replied with their last word, for the discussion. One of the soldiers offered a Jupiton to the other, all were hungry at the moment, albeit they are permitted to receive an expeditious nutritional boost before getting back into the fight. But suddenly, that fruit dropped onto the ground, and so did everyone else on the spacecraft. They took a ballistic shot into the side of the ship, rendering several functions unstable. The only thing the Troopers could think of now is the escort of the Chief into a safe zone, although at the current moment it seemed as inevitably impossible - the enemies are taking advantage of this scenario.

"Get the Chief to the medical station! The rest, onto the battalion stances." Tension arising, the bodies of the Troopers already sore from the impact, and the path to victory is unsurprisingly gloaming. Each one was determined, and each one was excitable - but the succession is indeed not a fact. Several rival spacecrafts have collapsed within this time, and it seemed as they could retreat back if the others will volunteer to defend a fellow Whoremongorian squadron.

But there it was, another ballistic shot hit the spacecraft almost instantly, and now, the ship was going under heavy malfunction. The Troopers got down, but it was too late, as a hole started forming between the walls of the spacecraft. The oxygen that excessively filled the ship was now flying out of the hole like a normal wind getting out of a window; and everyone tried their best to hold themself back from being sucked in. But Everyone Only Suffered more, the lack of oxygen started filling their lungs as the spacecraft begun collapsing with time.

"Sevul.." One of the Troopers called out to a fellow one. The other moved his desperate gaze onto him while trying not to close his eyes, this time, for eternity. "So long.. See you on the other side.", both grinned at each other, as taht was the last time they could see each other smile.

Soon, the only thing heard were the alarms of the Automated Security Systems, before the ship finally turned off - scattering the remaining people into the paths of the stars.

Everyone Only Suffered for a few moments before they died.

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