Frequently Asked Questions

This page has been superceded, for now, by the Orientation page.

This is the page to ask any questions you have about how this site works. For questions about the Library's universe or fiction, check out the Universe FAQ.

Answered Questions

Q: How do I ask questions here?
A: Moose: Please ask your questions in the Discussion thread attached to this page. They will then be added to this page (usually by me) and answered by one of the active staff members.

Q: I'm totally new to this site. What should I do first?
A: Moose: Read the Orientation. Then go from there.

Q: So what is this site? What kind of works are you looking for?
A: Moose: This is partly covered in the Explanation. The short even shorter version, rephrased, is below.
Mann: The Library is looking for works that evoke a Sense of Wonder. While it's nominally set in the same universe as the Foundation, it tends to take a more optimistic, humanistic view of the world. The focus should be on the strange and the wonderful, on the exploration of that world.

Q: How do I add new works to the Library?
A: Mann: Basically, you first look around in the-old-library to see if there's a book that matches the sort of subject matter you're writing. If there is, go ahead and add your entry there under that book. (Update: Add a Book tag from the Tagging Guide and your story will automagically appear.) If not, then make up your own. Write a description of the book, then add it into the Library.
If we (staff) feel your additions are not a good fit, then we'll work with you on it. We reserve the right to move stories as we see fit, and to alter the books as we feel necessary.
Moose: Once you do all that, go ahead and announce your new story here.

Q: How do I add new works to the Archives?
A: Moose: Just throw it up! We'll probably reorganize that page in the near future anyway.

Q: How do pages get deleted?
A: Moose: See the Site Rules. The short answer is that if your piece hits -5, it's vulnerable to deletion. Write your article well enough to stay in the positive rating numbers!

Q: Wait, staff can just edit my stuff as much as they want? That doesn't sound right…
A: Mann: This applies strictly to the books, mind you. We will never make more than minor grammatical changes to your stories unless you specifically request it of us.

Q: Who are the people who run this site? What's that Foundation you mentioned?
A: Moose: Dr. Everett Mann is the site owner and one of our active administrators, a group which also includes myself (thedeadlymoose) and TroyL. We also have two inactive administrators: Pair of Ducks and pooryoric. Roget is a mod, with Rumetzen, Vivax and Pixeltasim being our three non-moderative staff members. Shoot us a PM if you've got a question: we don't bite!
Some of us are also staff members in various capacities of The SCP Foundation, a mainly horror-themed writing website. You may have heard of it. If you hadn't, now you have. If you'd like to know what it is, follow the link. Keep in mind that the Foundation site and this site are two separate entities, even though the universes are connected. Sort of.

Q: Do I need to know anything about the SCP Foundation website to contribute here?
A: Moose: Not really, no. Most, if not all, of the current members of this site got here via the SCP Foundation, but no one said you had to.

Q: You mention an optimistic viewpoint. So you're hoping to be anti-grimdark?
A: Mann: Right.
Moose: You can do grimdark, but keep in mind it's not the point of this site.

Q: "On the exploration of that world…" So we're looking for more terrestrial stories?
A: Moose: Not necessarily from our world.
Mann: Right. Not necessarily terrestrial…. See: Hunting the Margrawn, Very Strong

Q: Does this site have a place to roleplay?
A: Mann: It did. It's not currently active, but it may start again sometime.

Q: Do my stories need to involve the Serpent's Hand? Or even mention the Library?
A: Moose: Absolutely not. That's totally up to you.

Q: I want to write a story about one subject (say, alchemy), but someone else wrote a story contradicting it! What should I do?
A: Moose: If you're talking about works collected in the-old-library: Don't sweat it. Remember, these are books collected from various worlds by various people from various frames of time with varying levels of truth and falsehood in each. There's no reason for them to not contradict each other. That said, feel free to reference other authors' works unless they ask you not to.

Q: Okay, so works collected and indexed in the Library can contradict each other. What about stories in The Archives? Should we try to make sure those stories work together, or could work together? Or is there "no canon"?
A: Mann: There is no canon. It'd be nice to get a somewhat collected vision of the Library for the stories, but it's by no means essential. If a story doesn't quite fit… Well, unreliable narrators are unreliable.

Q: Why is the site's favicon the zodiac sign for Virgo?
A: Mann: Because it's also the alchemical symbol for distillation.

Unanswered Questions

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