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32. Stars

We watch the stars as they move through the perfect crystal spheres of the heavens. They watch us back.

31. Fifth Elrichian National Party Manifest

"Let the Right and Honorable Lord Fijjiwitz, Master of Elra, and Defender of Our Walls and Faith, open up this meeting of our National Party, in this year of Brassica 149."

30. Asphalmancer

Not every wizard gets to unlock the mysteries of the universe.

29. We Lords Of Ancient Worlds

On the marginal utility of demigods and theophagy.

28. The Tale Of The Brothers

"…and the blood of the Prophet shall run thickly
through their veins…

27. The Mad Land

Haarot has never fallen to any invader, her people never kneeling to any but the Broken Throne. Until now.

26. The Rise Of The Steam Soul

Alteres was once a land of magic. Now, it is a land of toil, strife, and smog.

25. Witch Season

They say this is the worst one since '55. I just want it to end. The front door ran away today.

24. Wanderers

I don't expect that you can ever forgive me. I only ask that you try to understand. We are on the verge of something truly great, and I want you to be a part of it.

23. Shylock's Quarter

The name "Kingdom of Plagues" is a misnomer; it was actually a place of great medical innovation, and a more proper translation would be "Great Land that Plagues Fear."

22. The Death Of Boris Yegorovich

In a place that is not a place, in a moment hidden in an instant, waits death.

21. A Series of Irksome Rectangles

  • Oh god… why do magazines put these things in?

20. Battle of the White Waves

  • Memory of wasp sting
  • Honeybees wear the same coats
  • I fear gold and black

19. Memories and Old Vinyl

  • There's a certain magic to analog; the kind of magic that hides the in Frisbees.

18. Special Holiday Feature: Toys

  • Nostalgia for toys is not limited to children.

17. Recollection

  • The first time I died…

16. Seven Offerings to the Campfire

  • I throw my worries on the fire so they become smoke, and float away on the breeze.

15. Communion

  • The man is silent for several moments before speaking again. The goddess' answer has greatly disturbed him.

14. What's Your Ineffable Style?

  • Without a true name to hold them back, the Nameless Sovereigns make waves with their juicy fashion choices, setting trends and shaping the cosmos! But which sovereign's style should you steal? Take this quiz to find out!

13. The Book Monster

  • The book monster sat alone in his fortress of friendship. He almost never went out anymore…

12. They Torment Us

  • ERROR 2134: The address you are trying to reach has become unavailable.
  • You look, but you do not see. You listen, but you do not hear. You have words, but you do not speak.
  • Please check for errors in your telomn access device and try again.

11. Memoir of Ongwe Ias

  • “I have been unnamed for a long time.”

10. The Fifth Syllable

  • “ Across the table, the Master spoke a single word, the mystical Fifth Syllable, "[mystical symbol]". The bell replied with a beautiful note, an auditory sunbeam, a cool musical breeze, the acoustic equivalent of a crystal clear lake. It made me sick.”

9. Master and Slave

  • “All men, no matter how free they think themselves, are slaves.”

8. The Association of Entities That Never Did Exist

  • Welcome Teleos, Son of Hermes, God of Television!

7. Forgotten

  • This is for those of you who never forget.

6. The Deposition Of Sir John Demot

  • One man, awaking to the throaty roar of the Arctic White Bear in his dining room, almost perished from shock.

5. A Loaf Story

  • An epic tale for generations to come.

4. A Frightened Mother's Lovesong

  • "A voice was heard on high…"

3. Sedna V. Ataciara the Qaqulluk

3. The minor or dependent child(ren) of this marriage is/are (additional space available on reverse side):

The blood of my blood. The warm ones who disturb the cold sea. The great ones who do not weep. The small ones who dart beneath the ice. Those who slice the meat of the deep. Those who crack shells on their stomachs. Those who wander. Those who crawl. Those who float and dive._

2. Eggshells

  • At the beginning there were seven, and each was given an egg…

1. Big Red

  • A long time ago, when the hell-gates had just closed and the moon was still low and the last of the crimson folk walked amongst men…
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