Forgotten World
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You may think I'm crazy, but what I saw was true. If you desire to learn about the Underwater City, I will be happy to impart my knowledge to you.

The Forgotten World

The story I shall tell you happened when I was travelling through the third planet of my star system. I was looking for a rare, valuable plant that would help me make… I don't remember what anymore, not after what happened.

Many texts, folk tales and old books within the Library contained priceless information about the location of a land hidden deep below the sea, a place that has not been seen by man in over 3,000 years. Such an location was sure to be perfect for the development of the plant, a sea algae known as "Alga Irae."

This should give the right strength… to whatever I wanted to do.

I reached my destination without much difficulty. This seems obvious, considering that no one has been there for such a long time.

The land turned out to be the ruins of an ancient city. The stone buildings bore frightening shapes, the sun unable to pierce to such a great depth and bring its light. I had a feeling that I had seen this all before, yet I couldn't be sure, for the spell enabling me to stay underwater distorted everything I saw.

However, what could I do! I needed this plant so much that I had to continue searching. I regretted that very quickly. Already after crossing the gate leading to the city, I noticed…

…Dead bodies.

They were everywhere. Their faces, their bodies… they did not decay at all, remaining in the moment of their deaths, as if no law of nature could reach them down here. It was as if, despite their death, they were in a kind of half-life, damned to suffer constantly, unable join the dead yet forbidden to remain with the living.

Even with all of my power and knowledge, I could not help them, not even ease their pain a little. I had to go back, without the algae nor any hope for those people.


What do I have to show for this adventure? Just this diary, or a notebook, or whatever you wish to call it. Although the Library could gain a valuable article, no one took me seriously. What am I supposed to do now? I will try to find a way to help them, those poor people beneath the sea. Will I discover a method, a cure to their half-life? I cannot say; I hope I will.

I was lucky to find a few people who believed me. It is only thanks to them that you had the opportunity to read the work of the Nameless Traveller, discoverer of the lost Underwater City.

Maybe we will meet someday.


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