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Clear Skies

Set in a universe in which all water is sapient.

Re: New Articles 4 by stop1010stop1010, 18 Jan 2020 17:21

I enjoyed it it was interesting.

Re: First Article by Doctor PulsarDoctor Pulsar, 18 Jan 2020 16:49

Staff members do not delete forum posts unless said forum posts break the rules. As a reminder, remember to hit the New Post button in order to create a new post. Feel free to make a new post promoting your new work.

by Avelon21Avelon21, 18 Jan 2020 14:56

Please delete this reply, I didn't mean to make it.

Sorry for being an idiot.

by stop1010stop1010, 18 Jan 2020 02:12

This is my first article! I hope you like it, but don't be afraid to tell me it's trash.

This article wouldn't be possible without the help of Avelon21 and rumetzen.

Link to their crit of this article here:

First Article by stop1010stop1010, 18 Jan 2020 02:03

Note: I saw your message on discord, and I'm responding here.

  • "sending more letters(which would be pointless). Time is ticking, and it won't be long before we will perish." Add a space before the parentheses, remove the "will" in the second sentence.
  • "but have to find a way to survive." But we have to find a way to survive.
  • I don't think "cure" should be surrounded by quotes. It doesn't really fit the tone of what the Overseers are requesting.

Make sure to make all the "Breaking News" sections bold. Besides that and the stuff above, I like this. You can add more to the end, but I think you have a good first post written out right now !

Final note: No rush for posting or progress, I'm just glad you haven't given up =D

In a world where the existence of evil twins is universally avowed… how do you know which you are?

The first chapter of Heart Rot.

Re: New Articles 4 by OriCatOriCat, 14 Jan 2020 20:44

Fixed final news report and adjusted the tone of other news reports to match.

Also, do you think this article would benefit from an image?

There are a lot of grammar and language errors here, and the formatting is messy in my opinion. There is also very little content here, and I think you should find a better conclusion to end it with. Perhaps you can mention how the three lands are faring now? Think more on what you can expand on in order to show us more of this world.

-1 until you make some revisions. I recommend getting feedback from the forums or the chat before posting. If you would like any help, feel free to reply here or message me through Wikidot.

by Avelon21Avelon21, 11 Jan 2020 17:31

This…really needs more improvement. There isn't much of a structure here, nor is there a lot of content/detail to enjoy it fully. I recommend reading the poetry guide, which you can find here.

Use the forums or the Discord chat for feedback when you've made improvements, or feel free to PM me for help.

by Avelon21Avelon21, 11 Jan 2020 14:05

Thank you! I hope to update this page on a fairly regular basis, so there should be more pretty soon!

Crossing the boundaries of uncertainty.

by UncertaintyCrossingUncertaintyCrossing, 05 Jan 2020 22:08

Nice! Big fan of this stuff, looking forward to more.

by RounderhouseRounderhouse, 05 Jan 2020 01:21

Good shit, Kirbs.

by RounderhouseRounderhouse, 04 Jan 2020 09:54

First constituent of what will hopefully be a much longer piece.

Much thanks to rumetzenrumetzen for critiquing.

Author post by OriCatOriCat, 03 Jan 2020 18:35

Good catch! I'm glad you enjoyed!

by Captain KirbyCaptain Kirby, 03 Jan 2020 10:04

I liked it. Loved how the world of a burrow was built up, character dynamics and all.

Now just to figure out what to go.

This might be a typo.


by Avelon21Avelon21, 03 Jan 2020 00:47

So I'd been meaning to post this for a few weeks, but umm… well 2020 seemed like a good time to do it so I waited until then.

Thanks to Rounder, rumetzen and Uncle Nicolini for critique.

Thanks to rabbits for being small and fluffy.

This feels a little incomplete, although the narration style was nicely done. Aside from the language errors (and there are quite a few for such a short work), it seems like this is more of an introduction to a character's life, rather than a well-contained plot. In other words, this is more like half of a story rather than a whole one. Consider adding more to the character's life by adding what happens next; in my opinion, you can't just introduce a psychotic character without showing how the psychopath talks to other people. Maybe showing their interaction with their contractor after the job is done would be enough to tie it off nicely.

I am interested to see how you expand with what you have so far.

by Avelon21Avelon21, 01 Jan 2020 23:24

Damn, I should've done this earlier…Oh well !

I just want to give credit where credit is due: It appears that this Collection was created by DrEverettMannDrEverettMann and some other writers from 2010 - 2015. I wrote the hub (although the first two sentences at the start were from the Old Library, and inspired the rest of it), including the friendly writing advice. Thanks to rumetzenrumetzen for reviewing this before I posted it.

I know for sure that I'll write something that'll fit into here soon eventually. I encourage everyone else to do the same !

Feel free to PM me for writing review or help adding your story to the hub.

Hub Author Post by Avelon21Avelon21, 31 Dec 2019 17:54

People keep plugging WL articles in SCP IRC…


…ANYWAY, Welcome to the Library !

Make sure to use the forums for writing feedback; we also have a chat for realtime discussion with other Wanderers. Enjoy your stay here.

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