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Personally I really like the idea of other Wanderers helping newcomers by showing them around and even being kind enough to give them some food, water and a space where they can be in while they get used to this new place, specially to ones that came from dire and hostile enviroments. Volunteers overall that just want to be kind and show newbies the ropes in case there isn't any Librarian around or just are too shy or confused to ask first.

Another one that comes to mind about these Volunteer thing would be something akin to teachers. Maybe some experienced blue types that don't mind sharing their knowedge with begginers or people wanting to learn magic, or perhaps someone with a degree of history and a knack of explaining that would like to show students what they know, specially ones from other dimensions and realities where Ancient Rome wasn't even a thing.

Re: Less common Staff by AnAnMawsAnAnMaws, 27 Nov 2020 21:28

One that comes to my mind is cleaner staff. Exactly what it sounds like. Staff that's task is to ensure the library is tidy and that nothing unclean gets on the books or shelves. Course intentionally causes messes gets their ire very very quickly

Re: Less common Staff by PsychotobePsychotobe, 27 Nov 2020 20:47

There have been mentions of types of staff beyond the usual Docents, Pages, and Archivists in some stories, such as the Boilermen, and I am planning on adding a kind of psuedo-staff myself in the form of the Nurses, but I am interested if anyone else has ideas for other types, or examples of ones that have been mentioned before.

Less common Staff by WesbotWesbot, 27 Nov 2020 20:39

The usage of metaphor within this short is what got me. Very interesting short read, the emotion evoked was evident, and this is well deserving of my +1

~~~🐜Ant boi baby🐜~~~

by YellowISlolYellowISlol, 27 Nov 2020 09:12

Hey ChickenLover, I'm Avelon and I'm here to help:

Overall Critique on Everything:

Hello rumetzen and thank you for the feedback, I really appreciate it. I took your critiques into consideration, and I decided to add a bit more to the ending so it wasn't so bland. I hope you enjoy what I have changed in this second draft!

Here is the link again:

I think it would be funny if Herman Fuller and the Man-With-An-Upside-Down-Face were banned, but the circus itself wasn't banned. It would give the performers a nice change of pace

I could see Alexylva being part of Discera Multiversity, but yeah, they would be pretty controversial given their morals, I imagine the SH especially wouldn't get along with them.

Bringing up a GOI I'm surprised hasn't been mentioned yet, I like to think that out of all of the normalcy preserving organizations, UIU is the only one not banned from entering. They know more about and are more directly involved with the anomalous community than the others, and can thus be respectful and mindful of the Library's sheer power and signifigance.

Nobody has actually been referenced in the Library before. Apparently they were banned, and possibly even made the way they are because of it. I've actually been meaning to write something about that. Of course, all of this is dependent on headcanons.

I agree with all the other points though, I reckon the presence of Alexylva is somewhat of a controversial and dividing topic within the patrons.

Hm, so far, the only lesser known GoI that can be connected to the Library one way or another could be Deer College, since it's an anomalous university where you learn anything from magic, that included.
But since Deer College is connected with the Coalition, is posible Deer students are frowned upon by most of the Wanderers. Perhaps most of the books and artifacts they use could have belonged to the Library a long while ago even.

I can also see the Oneiroi collective being interested in one way or another on the Library and Wanderers, and I do headcannon Wanderers are able to connect to the Oneiroi through dreams since they tent to "embrace" the anomalous much more, so those two are really chill with each other.

Nobody - Probably frequents the Library. My head-canon would be that management knows them, the patrons do not. Depending on who or what you think Nobody is, their goals at the Library can be anything.

Ambrose Restaurants - Probably tried to open a restaurant at the food court at some point and was denied.

Fifth Church - Probably falls somewhere around the Serpent's Hand. The Library doesn't support or hinder them, they're free to use it as a meeting place so long as they respect the other patrons.

Manna Charitable Foundation - I'd like to believe that some of their members research specific objects in their possession before distributing them to civilians. Although, that's more of a head-canon.

Alexylva University - Probably allowed inside the Library to study and research, much like Serpent's Hand and Fifth Church. They might even have a sort of small proxy university setup for people wanting to enroll.

The Chicago Spirit - At some point they were allowed into the Library. However, their membership was revoked when they attempted to steal various pieces of literature that had anomalous effects or gave readers anomalous powers. They're now banned from the Library and by extension, so is the Chicago Spectre.

That makes sense, I imagine those groups tend to be more arrogant towards the Library than something like MCD, which probably helps bring down its ire.
One other thought I had was that AWCY might be seen by the anartists of the library as more boring than anything, like a bunch of attention-starved jerks obsessed with shock value.

Personally, I think that not a lot of GoIs have proper access to the Library, for a variety of reasons. That said, I like to think that a lot of the nationalist gois — PENTAGRAM, Gru-P, Obskuracorps — have been kicked out by the Docents at one point or another for trying to weaponizing the knowledge contained therein and/or starting fights.

Take a moment, make some tea for yourself, your friend, and your mortal enemy. Time, so much as it has a choice, will accommodate.

Though groups like the Foundation and GOC are described on the 'Groups of Intrigue' page, I don't believe there's much content about how ones like the Three Moons Initiative or Arcadia may relate to the Library, so I'm creating this topic for if anyone has any ideas they'd like to share.

I've personally had the idea that Corbenic is banned from the Library for trying to edit books to be more 'moral' by their standards, and I believe it's been mentioned that the Circus has performed in the Library in the Dread and Circuses canon.
I also see the less… hostile varieties of the religious GoIs having churches somewhere in the Library.

Damn, I forgot how good this was. One of the classics, for sure.

by RounderhouseRounderhouse, 24 Nov 2020 14:59
Today by WhippysquireWhippysquire, 24 Nov 2020 11:02

Ooo we also have lots of artists and musicians in our community, and I hope you can bond with some of us over that! I understand that writing in other languages is hard, but if you would ever like me to proofread a translation from the Czech branch, feel free to ask in the forums. The last thing I want to mention is that we are very disconnected from the SCP-verse (especially in terms of what SCP folks think the Library is), so I hope you enjoy the stories we have to tell here in TWL.

Hello, and welcome to the Library! Just remember that we are much more focused on writing stories with wonder than any actual SCP-verse tales. Hope to see you in the I&A forums soon ^^

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