Henzoid's Author Page Full Of Mystical Wonders and Delights for All Ages But Not The Really Young Ones Because I Like The F Word
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Item #: SCP-HENZ

Object Class: Author

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-HENZ is largely self-containing due to the fact that… ah shit, hold on, this is the wrong wiki.

Hello, traveler. Sit, please, and have some soup. I made it this morning. Yes, yes, drink up. Good, is it not? It is made from boiled rat-skins and scrubbed tunic fibers. My dearest mother, bless her heart, never taught me to cook, so this is all you get.

On my page you will find a number of things under a variety of topics. However, contrary to what I just said, they're all actually pretty much just going to be short stories. Sorry, that's all you get. If you really want more, I suggest you try my parallel universe counterpart, Professor Bitch Baby.

I really wanted this to be longer, and mayhaps one day it will be. But for now, read of my writings, and be full.

A Bunch Of Unrelated Stories™
1. A Piercing Red Odor (COMING SOON)
2. Pipelines (COMING SOON)
3. A Jumping Off Point (COMING SOON)

Miscellaneous Stories

Tuesday In Gunderville [+4, 2 notes]

How To Be Dead [+3, 2 notes]

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