I roamed among the books
Giving the covers glancing looks
When I crossed into a row
That I had never known.
All was in languages I could not understand
And seemed to chill me when they touched my hand.
The shelves rose ever high
Past the limits of my eyes.
Down the rows I did see
What seemed a wanderer like me.
I walked over to say hello
And asked if a way back they might know.
The pages they did close
On an ancient, blackened tome.
The air began to chill
And time seemed to stand still.
As it turned to face me
I felt the need to flee.
I could see no face
But instead a mask that exuded hate.
“Hello good sir, how do you do?”
“I did not think today I’d see one like you”
“Among these books so old”
“Containing stories never told.”
“Now please, do not run.”
“You must stay and have some fun!”
“These books are my favorites, you know.”
“Here is one to you I’ll show.”
From a shelf he then pulled
A book that I first thought dull.
But when he turned the page
A storm in my mind did rage.
Horrible words in that forbidden tome
Almost aloud seemed to moan.
“At last, I am read today!”
“To you I have so much to say.”
“Come, sit down, and read me”
“And such wonders you can see!”
“I shall show you stars born dead”
“That shine upon a daemon’s bed.”
“Creatures so near and far”
“Which would love to eat your heart!”
“I can tell of ancient horrors too”
“If you think your mind won’t turn to goo.”
“Yes, so many things you could see”
“If you’ll just set me free!”
“Such knowledge you could tout”
“If you’ll just LET ME OUT!”
I thrust the book from my face
As my heart began to race.
The force caused that thing’s mask to fall down
And my sanity it did plow.
It had no face, but I felt it smile
Like that of a crocodile.
No eyes it had, but I could see
It looking at me with sadistic glee.
No nose it had, but I could hear
That it was smelling my fear.
It had no hears, but I do not jest
It heard my heart beating in my chest.
At last my legs began to move
And from that place I flew.
I ran and ran and ran some more
Until I fell upon the floor.
My consciousness then failed
And across nightmares I then sailed.
I awoke to friends I knew
And to unknown strangers, too.
Someone had found me passed out not too long ago
They now wondered what had brought me low.
They asked what had me so pale
So I tried to tell of my horrifying tale.
But that they were not interested in
For I had been places I should not have been.
How I got into the forbidden wing they did not know
But it was somewhere few should go.
They showed me the ancient gates
That lock away that hateful place.
Impossible they labeled my story
Ignoring my frightened pleas.
Too many scary books I must have read
And that was all that they said.
I wish that was the case
And I had never been to that awful place.
A tale so mad I must be too
But I know my tale is true.
That brief glimpse that thing’s face,
A memory that quickens my heart’s pace,
Revealed to me such horrible things
That I still hear the daemons sing.
I will shall always say
I will never forget that day.
In the darkest corner of the library
Where no sane mind should ever be.
But if you do find yourself in that hell,
There’s one more thing I have to tell.
Be quick, do not linger, do not talk with a stranger
Lest you find yourself in great danger.
For that stranger might be
The same one that scarred me.
So I say one more time, before I die
That this is was not a lie.
In the Library, in the place few dare go
A final warning delvers must know.
Fear that fiend who lurks within
With a hole where humanity had once been.

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