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Imagine a creation filled with nothing but pure sweetness, a nutritional value, not the best for the health of yours, yet so magnetic with its own aura.


It's been here for decades, harvested from the trees in the horizon and sold on markets after markets. It did become a common thing among those who came into the Interstellar Marketing Center to purchase a sweet thing to bring back with them, to feed their families and to give them the pleasure that Jupiton offers.

Imagine a fruit, something that looks like an apricots but possesses a purplish touch to it. Jupiton was that small thing, filled with dozen of value.

Essentially, these fruits were cut down during the war between civilizations – Whoremongers were addicted to it, but it costed too much for its time to be eaten on a short basis like most willed to.

That is why the Farmers begun gathering, pulling them down from the trees, some could not resist and had to take some for their own – eventually being caught and thrown into simple labor to pay for their deeds. Jupitons were used many times during the war; by starving families, some soldiers brought them onto the field for a nutritional boost before getting back to war, and so on.

After the war, the Jupitons ceased. They were nowhere to be found. The trees that once grew them were destroyed, reduced to mere ashes and dust.

And so, the Whoremongers had to live without such prepossessing and sweet fruits. So it was for many, many years.

A Wandering Farmer from the Whoremongers has gone on a small check in the wild, searching for anything freshly grown to be cut down and sold on the Interstellar Market. As he made his way through the paths unknown, a very familiar smell has filled his nostrils – thought No, I am just going insane from all this walking. But it was far from that, as imagination was not the case here.

That smell lead the Farmer to a newly grown tree, even not a year old. And it was beautiful, it was exactly as any other Jupiton tree. It never felt as sweet as now.

The Farmer called the rest of the Whoremonger Farmers, and so, the growing of Jupiton across Cradus.

Jupiton – the perfection among nutrition.

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