La historia de Nemo El-Quavillucha II (Part 1)
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Nemo El-Quavillucha II was a member of the largely forgettable El-Quavillucha family, A Moorish family spread across the Mediterranean, famously non-famous for its ancestral members being held in an increasingly higher regard by subsequent generations. For instance Muquatíl bin Corvò El-Quavillucha who held off the Avarian invasion of Pantelleria single handedly and was regarded as an idiot because of his wild abandonment of any sense of self preservation in rushing the Caucasian line half naked and mostly drunk from the night before, yet later generations regarded him as a hero, a role model to put upon the plinth of “People who really loved life” despite the fact that his second cousin Albatal Al’haqiqyu bin Gorrión Shakhsáma actually lead the defence of the island. How Muquatíl became regarded as a hero is unknown to history.

But was is known, and bizarrely well recorded, is the life of Nemo El-Quavillucha II. Born Shab-Pinzón del sol naciente bin Nasir de Al-Jabal El-Quavillucha in a rich house in Cadiz.
He took a great interest in his families’ history from a young age, especially to his great grandfather Nemo El-Quavillucha whose mother María-al-ghárnab Al-umu de El-Quavillucha, didn’t care to name him, she had been quoted saying: “After 23 children I just can’t think of anymore names”.
The Latin wet-nurse who raised called him Nemo, and at the age of 16, Nemo set out into the world to become a penniless bum on the streets of Yerevan where he died of a stab over half a mouldy loaf of bread. Shab-Pinzón del sol naciente bin Nasir de Al-Jabal El-Quavillucha took this concept and ran with it, changing his name to Nemo and began living on the streets of Cadiz as a homeless beggar.

To be continued…

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