Observations Of The Foundation
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day 1: The foundation

As far as I can tell the foundation is more primitive than most and I feel as if they are no more than just scared animals not one of the few species to exist I mean come on they act like they want to know why the so called scps are the way they are but in reality they are more or less just doing what there ancestors did before them capturing and killing the most interesting part of there world making there people more or less ignorant, Oh wait what am i talking about what about people who know how to make scps they are labeled terrorist organizations it is awful they just want to have a good time or they are of a people more or less worshiping there god in the only way how. they are less understanding of anything than an ant they are know nothing of the cosmic glory they live in. And what about there primitive ranking they use absolutely savage they use criminals to do there dirty work and not even thank them they are so mean oh wait there is more what about the sentient beings they hold caged and fed like animals even there own kind as if they are a an infection. not better by evolutionary standards they are just… so primitive it is just they are an annoying knowing that one of the most interesting people ever keep what they think are interesting in cages it is just poor and sad really just sad really

day 2: the foundation

so today I saw that they are moving large amounts of equipment to a building in Russia i do not know why but they are probably just making some new headquarters maybe even there organization fell down a peg. I don't observe everything so anything new would be a mystery so many things i do not know ugh nothing not even some chit chat between coworkers but they could just be stressed out do to the fact that I look like a something out of a horror movie and I was seen hmm I could use this to my advantage. I am more or less just like an scp a strange entity so many people would be scared out of there minds I would happily drive insane with my presence

day 3: the foundation

not many people live though much here it is really grim just wow man just wow. doot dot ditty dot dot um i am feeling like i should put some one on the inside no that is just wow i am so bored man ugh i heard about something with a serpent

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