A Frank Exchange of Ideas

“So, it's story you want?”

“Stories are for children. I want the files.”

The old man grinned. “The files are a story my boy. Why else would you be looking for them?” He gestured towards a painting on the right wall. “The files are behind there. Do with them what you will.”

“Do you think I'm stupid?” The young man tightened his grip on the gun. “I know what happens when people try to steal from you. Open it yourself.”

The man sighed and stood up from his chair. He approached the wall, lifted the painting, and set it gingerly on the floor. Underneath the painting was a safe. On the safe was a digital readout, into which he punched a number -1723402909. The door slid open. From its jaws he retrieved a plain white envelope containing a CD.. He closed the door, then turned to give the young man the disk.

“I must warn you, these may not be as enlightening as you hope. They are simply stories, cataloged by a dying man.”

The young man snorted. “Don't insult my intelligence. That line might work on the rest of the idiots, but not me.” He walked over to the computer and slid the CD into the disk drive. “You wouldn't just pick stories at random. It's all about connections. Patterns.” The data he wanted popped up on the screen and he grinned. “One just need to know what to look for, and I do.”

The old man wasn't phased. “And what, in the name of the prophet, are you looking for?”

He rolled his eyes. “You know. The key. I want to find the Source.”

The old man snorted. “The Source is a legend for fools and tired old men such as myself. I imagined you would be above chasing random flights of fancy.”

“Lying, again. It's there. I know it. I just need to find the right pattern. I need to organize the data properly, separate the useless information and the clues…”

Now the old man began laughing uncontrollably, maniacally. “Clues? Child, do you have any idea what nonsense you're spouting? You sound like a madman! You sound like-” He was silenced by two gunshots to the head. The young man put the smoking gun back on the table and began to sort through the data, ignoring the old man's corpse. Finally he found what he wanted. The list. All the works, extensively cataloged, that would lead him to the Source. Now it was only a matter of time. Time and patience. He knew he could find what he was looking for if he looked long enough. It was just a question of examining it from the right angles…


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