You're not sure how much time passes as you make your way through the endless variety of bookcases, stacks, and monuments. Your eyes take in hundreds of titles, only a few of which are in any sort of language you can read. A docent offered you a map a while ago. You declined. A safety net removes the fun of getting lost. Finally, as your legs begin to tire, you come across a shelf that looks intriguing…

Shelf EAST 23O, dedicated to HAYUSHINLA, THE HATRED


Ah, it was so long ago that Hayushinla learned to hate. What was the first thing that caught his eye, that made him realize that everything in every world must be despised? It must have been a beetle. Yes, it is easy to picture him walking through his family’s garden, staring at the dirt, when he sees a crawling dung beetle. This insect, this supposed creature of heaven’s creation, he thinks, is doing nothing but rolling dung into a ball. For many hours he follows this creature, until the sun sets and Hayushinla must return home without light. The next day, as soon as day breaks, he returns to find a dung beetle and follow it. For several days he does this. Eventually he decides his observations are over and he has learned one clear thing: the dung beetle has no purpose besides rolling dung. It exists to feed from and revel in foulness. If such a creature can exist in this world, then surely the heavens cannot be beautiful. Therefore, the only justifiable reaction is hate.

After some amount of leisurely scrounging, you've collected a cozy stack of volumes.

"A Name on the Tip of My Tongue" by Wanderer rumetzen
"The Red Dryad" by Wanderer Pair Of Ducks
"81st Turn, Seventh Year, Twenty-Second Cycle, Chroday" by Wanderer DrEverettMann
"The Fading Sky Above" by Wanderer Reasonably Psychotic
"Wakefield's Journal. Vol.1" by Wanderer Dr Wakefield
"81st Turn, Seventh Year, Nineteenth Cycle, Tresday" by Wanderer DrEverettMann
"81st Turn, Seventh Year, Twentieth Cycle, Tresday" by Wanderer DrEverettMann
"Face of Preface" by Wanderer Jochoi
"The Adventures of Cousin Dan: Rearview Eddie" by Wanderer DrEverettMann
"The Ending Wait" by Wanderer DrEverettMann
"The Moon Is Out; The Stars Invite" by Wanderer rumetzen
"The Pitch" by Wanderer rumetzen
"Mssrs. Marshall And Carter" by Wanderer (user deleted)

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