Shelf Northwest-by-East 5A, dedicated to the Colonel

Etiamne luctibus ille qui libenter audit verba1
It is not known when the man called the Colonel first entered the library, but what is known about him is also made him revered across much of the Library. While he was concerned with his work of charting the unknown Ways that populated the Northwest-by-East sector of the Northern-South wing of the Library, anyone that crossed his path while mournful or sorrowful would immediately be corralled onto the nearest bench/couch/living Möbius strip1 to speak their mind. His thoughtful expression and empathetic eyes made many beings feel at ease and at peace, whether they could feel those emotions or not2. His cartography helped to chart the way for many others Wanderers to wander in safety.

While the Colonel died a grotesque death to a member of the large and aggressive Gallus gallus undomesticus3 species in In the Year of Our Lady 2526-XY2F, his statue immortalizes his kindness and sympathy towards others. It has become a rite of passage in many circles to visit the Colonel and cleanse yourself of all guilt and sadness of your past. And many who sit next to the statue swear that they see his marble eyes twinkle with compassion and feel his arm uncomfortably tightening around them, as they tell their stories and their woes to him. Legends say that the books that the Colonel watches over are the transcriptions of the stories he has been told over the eons he has watched over us.

For your kindness and ability to listen, Colonel, we remember you.

1: Much to the displeasure of the Möbius strip.
2: Many automatons may have gained sentience from having a conversation with the Colonel
3: Released by an Way accident that occurred when the Colonel forgot to carry the 1, and instead multiplied by π
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