Shelf West 01A, dedicated to the unknown author

Known but to God1
The statue, an abstract representation of the author-yet-to-be guards this shelf. It is ironic that the statuette adorning this shelf would be so flat and geometrical given the shelf is an area of unstable reality. Featureless save for mild suggestion at some form of personality.
Being that the statuette serves as an abstract representation to a concept rather than the depiction of a person, it would be prudent to discuss the nature of the shelf itself.
The shelf presents a problem of accounting, given total amount of collected works and registered authors varies wildly. Docents have reported the shelf to contain 1362 works on one occasion, only to have the number double upon returning after a short recess, and then halve after tea.
The texts that rest upon these shelves are often drafts or first editions and often unfinished, as if plucked from the imagination of the authors themselves. As a testament to the untamed potential of works not yet written, and a daring symbol for all would be writers to just sit the down and write something already.
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