Shelf Southwest 15R, dedicated to Medomai the Perspirant

Of the myriad calamities that have befallen the Library in its existence, few were as revolting as the Year of the Putrid Discharge, an era demarked by the presence of Medomai the Perspirant. Afflicted with a rare condition native to her homeworld of Dolpices, Medomai perpetually excreted an odorous sweat from every pore in her body. Branded an undesirable by the aromamancers of her home, Medomai fled Dolpices to escape her impending execution and took sanctuary in the Wanderer's Library, where she dwelt for the remainder of her life.

Although possessed of an innocent curiosity and a compassionate disposition, Medomai's condition quickly earned her the ire of both the Librarians and her fellow Wanderers. An acrid stench was the perennial harbinger of Medomai's impending approach, with a streak of rancid sweat always trailing in her wake. An untold number of texts were irrevocably damaged when exposed to Medomai, whose perspiration ruined the pages of Anton Fisk's Seventh Treatise of Multicorporeal Entities and rendered Karlov's Sonnet of the White Dwarf illegible.

In an effort to bring the senseless massacre of tomes to an end, an assortment of Wanderers captured Medomai and sequestered her in the Southwest wing. As they deliberated on how to deal with Medomai and her excretions, the issue resolved itself when Medomai quietly expired to dehydration. A brief memorial was held, the nearest shelf dedicated to her, and Medomai's remains were returned to her homeworld.

And so, for the stains she left upon the Library, Medomai is remembered.
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