Site Rules

Hello, I am a defunct page! Please see Orientation for the new version.

This page is a work in progress. So for now, here are the rules-in-progress.


  • Basic internet etiquette applies here. Being harsh is fine, but don't be a raging asshole. That and trolling will get you banned. (Note: Writing badly will not get you banned.)
  • Please do not use signatures on the forums.
  • When you post on the site, please post completed works! (Or, you know, completed chapters or sections. That sort of thing.)

Commenting & Voting

  • You may comment however you like on an entry, as long as you're not trolling or making a personal attack. If you feel a user’s comments are not being posted in the spirit of constructive criticism, please contact a Mod or Admin.
  • You may vote however you like on any entry, as long as you're voting on the entry, not on whether you like or dislike the author, or for some other reason not related to the entry's quality.
  • Don't upvote your own article!


  • You can edit others' articles for reasons for format, grammar/spelling, or other minor edits. Don't make edits for content without the author's permission. Not even if the content is terrible. This goes for staff too.
  • However, staff can edit descriptions of "Books" in the-old-library at their discretion. This is because "Books" are usually for group usage, and because we want to maintain a certain tone to the descriptions of Books. We will gladly work with you on the description if you don't like our changes.


  • When a page rating hits -5, the page may be deleted at staff discretion. Users may delete their own work at any time.


  • We reserve the right to add, remove, or modify rules at our discretion. Considering this is a rules-in-progress page, this certainly will happen.
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