serpents hand how people feel about them in the infinityverse
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Hello we all know or are part of some organization that tries to keep peace, cause the end of the universe or make wars or something but what about organizations that keep knowledge about the non ordinary or weird like the serpents hand that is what we are here to find out in the most populated hub to date some one has to heard of them…

Unknown person: Hello i'm here with Dave or the desert wanderer

Dave: Well who cares i mean they try to get books and stuff that's what i know but i feel like they should keep to there world. no one wants to have any information on them in a library that is multidimensional that's just bad to have now more then ever now with [redacted for those who have p.t.s.d from the accident] they are just scary man

unknown person: Hello hello anyone who wants to be interviewed

Seven to eight minutes later

Unknown person: I am now with a person who has met a serpents hand,so what was he like ark

Ark: Uh well he was interesting i met him in the grey lands he was really pushy for knowledge about the grey lands too like how did it come to be anything live there what was it made of i mean come on they have every book ever but they don't have [redacted for copywriter purposes] i mean they should have it right right

Unknown person: All we know about the serpents hand is that they have a lot of books so i am now going to go to the local library and see how some book worms feel about them

Real: Um i feel like they are just like any other multidimensional organization just like what his name uh

Unknown person: clocks

Real: Yeah his people they are literally every where they maybe more thorough but they are basically the same

Who: Well i think they just like books a lot they should do what they like as long as it does not cause the apocalypse like anyone here

Unknown person: Would not that give them the power to search for the book of the dead that could be the first sign of the apocalypse

Who: Meh would the codex be affected no it lies outside the timeline who cares what happens to those sorry saps

Cred: What was the question

Unknown person: How do you feel about the organization serpents hand

Cred: Uh I've heard of them they seem to be nice people

Unknown person: Do you feel threatened by the power they posses


Unknown person: Why

Red: Well there are like a thousand other things that are more powerful than them that could eat the codex in one bite or their library like Noreth

six minutes later

Why owe: Who knows what they have in there they can have the never eye in there i mean they are very suspicious

1 hour later

Unknown person: Why does the serpents hand exist, there are multiple theories Well why does any organization exist, for a service or goal that can be anything i think they fall into the service category

Unknown person: What is that service I don't know

Near: They are going to feed us to a snake god that will cause the end of everything

personnel friend of reporter says her opinion

Purple: Who cares they are basically a authors group not the god i mean a group of authors and i guess a collectors group not the god

after seven tries the crew has successfully got past the guards and security

Unknown person: Alright so i am hear with one of the most famous of the primordial council truth

unknown person: So what do you think of the group known as the serpents hand

Truth: Think i that hand serpents the a is group people interested of strange the in spread and try to interest this others to

Unknown person: What

Truth: Leave

Unknown person: But…

Truth: Leave

Unknown person: What about…

Truth: LEAVE!

Unknown person: OK

local food truck

Never: Who cares are you going to order

Unknown person: yes can i get some fugu

Never: No,next!

Seven hours later

Four hours after official report ended

Dave: Yeah that sounds like a this is going to fail dude

Unknown person: Well at least it's something man

Greg: yeah I did good with the camera

Unknown person: Sure Greg

Purple: Are you still recording

Greg: Yes

Purple: Turn it off

Unknown person: This has been the serpents hand and how people in the infinityverse feel about them

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