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Strong as a river
Bright as the daybreak
Neverending like time
Always moving with the space
Starchild I am
Starchild we all are
Made of stardust from a time we don't know
Beautiful in our own way
Shining like diamonds among the stars
Our emotions a roar of passion
Our thoughts a whisper of intelligence
Our minds are our weapons
Forever and one only
Standing tall atop the mountain
Braving the thunderstorm
Hearing the roar of the thunder
And seeing the bright lightning in front
Ready to take it head on
For we know it can't hurt us
We are invulnerable
Immune to all
We are starchildren
Heirs to the heavens
Heirs to the life we have
Hold your loved ones close
There isn't much time
We all leave at some point
Yet not today for us
We won't leave yet
We promise
We observe and acknowledge the world around us
We find it to be beautiful
Even in it's darkest hour
The Earth is still beautiful
So small, and blue in the black of space
Floating there like an angel
A safehaven
A birthplace
Home to the starchildren
Home to us all
We take her for granted
We use her unwillingly
We never give back
Yet we give thanks for what we receive
And now we fly away
Among the stars
Searching for the answer to life itself
Never to be found
Yet to be mystical and untouched
The stars welcome us
The quasars provide the path
The black holes are our doors
The supernovas provide beauty
The nebulae give us hope
And every day
We think about earth
Getting further and further
Wanting to go home
Yet wanting to be free
So we hold it in our hearts
And we set it free
Starchild, they named me
Starchild, they named us all
Each one of us holds the key
The key to love
The key to hate
The key to kindness
The key to evil
The key to pain
The key to suffering
The key to salvation
The key to life
We all have these inside of us
Deep within that roar of emotion
And that whisper of thought
Within that strength
And that shine
It's what makes us starchildren
Unlock your door now
See your way home
Enjoy your freedom and peace
You've earned your salvation
Farewell, starchild
Good luck
We love you….

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