Tag Guide

The following is a list and description of tags currently in use for articles on the Library.

All entries submitted to the Library must have a book tag. Use this to determine which one. The entry will automatically be added on the appropriate book in the Library once tagged.

Ophiuchus Codex (ophiuchus-codex) - A general miscellaneous category. Anything that doesn't fit elsewhere can go here.

Brother Calbhach's Herbal (calbhach) - Entries describing otherworldly fruits, vegetables, plants, and similar things. Generally accompanied by the cryptobotanical tag.

The Cyphers (the-cyphers) - Quotes and scribblings, that come together for entries in the tradition of found poetry.

The Book of Eleven Hours (eleven-hours) - Entries concerning magic, specifically supernatural entities, processes, and rituals.

Hidden Trails and Distant Shores: The Travels of Transitive Norton, Explorer (transitive-norton) - A book detailing the travels of the titular Transitive Norton, a dimension travelling big game hunter.

Howe's Bestiary (howes-bestiary) - Similar to Brother Calbhach's Herbal, this book concerns itself with fantastical fauna. Generally accompanied by the cryptozoological tag.

The Journal of the Walk (journal-of-the-walk) - A book of entries detailing the life of an anonymous traveler through many strange and unknown places.

The Book of Long Shadows (long-shadows) - A book of poetry with a darker bent. Always has the verse tag.

Manuscript of Mt. Mandara (mt-mandara) - A book for fables, riddles, and short parables.

Book of Saints and Demons (saints-and-demons) - A book focused on describing fantastical beings such as gods, eldritch abominations, and extraordinary humans. Generally accompanied by the entity tag.

A Song of the Dry Sea (dry-sea) - Stories that take place closer to present times. Though they don't have to take place exactly in our world or time, they should have a more modern feel to them.

Tales of the Unknown Tribes (unknown-tribes) - Stories styled as folklore or mythology.

The Files of Lady Margo DeWolde (margo-dewolde) - A book containing stories recorded by a victorian collector of curiosities. Gothic horror, steampunk, weird weird west, that sort of thing. Basically "period" stuff.

The Book of Ur (book-of-ur) - Stories having to do with the world of Ur. Currently a closed book.

The Spirit World (the-spirit-world) - A book focusing on descriptions of ghosts, demons, and gods, generally grounded in real world mythology rather than made up whole-cloth.

The Journal of Aframos Longjourney - (longjourney) A series of journal entries describing the travels of Aframos Longjourney. Currently a closed book.

The Haskhakian Inscriptions (haskhakian) - Entries describing the fictional religion of Haskhakia.

Elementals (elementals-book) - Entries describing primordial elemental beings.

The Collective Works of Lycadia Arcaon (lycadia) - Entries from the collection of Lycadia Arcaon, a renowned theologist. Subject matter varies greatly.

The Book of Potential (book-of-potential) - Entries concerned with the future. Though it has a general Science Fiction slant, anything is acceptable as long as it's set after the modern era.

Orbis Arcana Pictus (orbis-arcana-pictus) - A book of drawings and photos, sometimes accompanied by text.

Planasthai (planasthai) - A news outlet of dubious consistency and quality. They cover the paranormal, magical and weird. Entries should be formatted and styled as if they came from a newspaper, magazine, blog or other news source.

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