Tales from Spears to Flowers
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Remember Forever

Where flags once flew.
Red, white and blue.
A valley once thrived.
But legs and eyes they had none.
For their flesh was green.
They were human not.
On their walls the symbols of Kings.
Spears and Shields and Stone and Snow.
The Spear was sharp.
For it had united the few.
The Shield was strong.
For it had held the chains.
The Stone was solid.
For it had pulled them up.
The Snow was silent.
For it had sung the song.
All around the trees now grow.
Silent and swaying.
"Eternal and glowing."
The Plant Kings had wrote.
"Forever we endure."
As vines pull down palaces.
For the Plant Kings are gone.
But the Hand remembers.

The destruction of the Plant Kingdom was a travesty which will never be forgotten. After escaping the clutches of both the Book-Burners and the Jailors, those who survived were rescued by the Hand. Once transported to their new home they sent us tales from their homeland, so that their history of Spears and Flowers will never be forgot by man and leaf. On this shelf new tales often appear, as more history is shared.

May the Sun Shine on our Fallen:

The Shelf of Lesser Heroes:

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