The Dreamer's Archive
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Once upon a time, you were a child in a world of beiges and off whites. You hid your color behind your eyes and read of other worlds with a flashlight beneath your sheets. You'd believed life to be mundane to the point of pain, and reality never discouraged you. You were never frozen by the cold, but that didn't mean you didn't long for the warmth of unconditional love.

Once upon a time, you were just beginning to grow when violet lightning struck from a strange storm, setting your world ablaze in a rainbow. Those with hearts too cold were melted as they fled, but you ran towards it, despite yourself. It was beautiful and it was brutal and it was nothing like the gray world you'd known. You sunk to your knees, and your tears fell in grief in joy in an emotion you didn't understand, turning lavender purple as they did. When your tears touched the concrete path, the dull gray exploded into a rainbow fractal.

Once upon a time, you were evolving, and you were terrified of it. You'd blamed yourself for the storm, especially when nobody believed you about the lightning strike or even the simple fact that the fire was purple. The rainbow stain you'd left behind was inexplicable, until it wasn't. Until they came to take you away, erasing every beautiful mark you'd made, leaving only the story of a troubled teen and arson when there had been something magical.

Once upon a time, you were categorized and explained away as something less than human. You were measured and cut, denied anything that wasn't carefully examined and analyzed. You hid yourself inside your head, burying the perfect whites of reality in a jungle of vibrant dream.

Once upon a time, a snake slivered into your garden of color and offered you a choice.

These are the stories you've read and the stories you've lived.
A Brief Respite
Liminal Houses
Among your fellow wanderers
sad eyes, bad guys
(Titles from "Ghosts" by Halsey")
the body sleeping next to me
mouth full of white lies
kiss me in the corridor
but quick to tell me goodbye
something that I can't reach

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