The Elemortals
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You've lost track of how long this excursion into the library has been. It could be days, it could be millennia. You are looking for something. Something hidden, something old. Corridors and corridors, shelves and shelves, books and books forever, all knowledge and never-knowledge is in this library. But there is something bigger, something more ancient… you know it.

This darker section of the library seems promising to you. The LED lights have been replaced with oil lamps and the floor is now a checkerboard pattern. You round a corner and see a neercat lounging on a cart. He evaporates before you have a chance to make a wish. Then you look up and see it, The Elemortal's shelf.

You pick up a thin, green book that is labeled "Tayakc, Life. The First Brother". When you open the book, you are overwhelmed with the smell of a forest, a burst of wind, calls from different animals, and a flurry of leaves.

The Forest thrives beneath its view,
creatures walk with many limbs,
all the size of greater things.

Others like it have fallen prey
to one they call their own
and now it stands, a spectator
to all things beneath its shadow.

Your head is starting to hurt and you hear whispers in your mind.

Now a face, covered by bone
stolen off a parent's corpse.
A glowing horn upon its head
the power of life, within its frame.

A power now saught by others.
Some wish to contain it.
Some wish to destroy it.
Some wish to free it.
And some wish to consume it.

The Gods wish to bring it home.

While reading the book you get visions of a massive creature wearing the front of a skull with a single horn, pulsing with blue energy. A giant forest with creatures the size of houses. And a way leading to a giant metal arch swarmed with people in lab coats.

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