The Gatekeeper's Sketchbook
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What appears to be a newer sketchbook sits on the table in front of you. The ink stains that tarnish the cover tell you someone's been drawing in it recently. A quick flip through of the pages confirms your thoughts. Looks like the artist has written some commentary on each of the pieces as well. Perhaps you take a closer look inside? Better hurry before they get back.

Heya, if you've found this sketchbook, congrats, I managed to lose track of it once again. Be real helpful if you could return it to me, the Gatekeeper, or uh, UncertaintyCrossing? Uncertainty? Sorta can't remember what name I go by, oops. Regardless! Please don't draw over my drawings, I worked hard on these. But, I do like reading and I do like making art. So, if you find this sketchbook and want some free art, please take a copy of your own book, manuscript, whatever, and leave it here underneath my sketchbook. Perhaps when I finally find this book again I'll draw something based on the tale you leave behind.
Otherwise, if you want to take a look at my art, go ahead, I guess. Not quite where I want it to be yet, but I think I'm getting there!
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