The Madmans Mahogany Manuscript
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A charred book recovered from a witchs pyre in Salem,Oregon. Most of it seems to be wriiten in latin or just ramblings of a madman that was forget in time. Only a few paragraphs are comprensiable or not entrily latin the library will update it when more pages are restored or translated.

Hark to this one,the one who reads my babbels of madness, you dont know the truth that exist in these pages evershifting only these words remain. One by one they fail and die wither away they die and die again rise like a phoenix from the ashes and join me in the sky above. Take these words and shape them together form new ones inside twist and turn the words of mine. Carl audio de perpetua tenebris et veritas liberabit vos. Embers stain the skin red with pain and blood, sleep now child pain is a path to power use it as a weapon and destroy all who stand in your way.

Black, black is the sea that marches onward to smite the captain that stole its treasure, the brights pearl that makes snow look gray. The beast that slumbers beneath the waves wake now for the minds of man are filled with fright. Let your tendrils of night seep into their heads and fill it with wispers of doom and death. Thine flesh is crisp and thine soul is ripe let me feast on your visons. Surge super festum ones, qui iniuriam factum est, et qui furantur, qui caedes et depraedationes festum versabitur in homine

Fallow deer ones who hide and run from wolves and man, run run run trample the grass and flowers. LIfe is pain and decay let us join again in the shadows that tower over us. Sleep is for the wicked so let us slumber and die let the kings men slit our throats and gut us. The king our king who sits on a velvet throne being feed fine wine and the finest meats while we scavege for scrapes and drink dirty water. Nos rebellare per fata renarrabat furatur pecuniam regi sentiat ira.

Red eyes see through me and into my soul. Their hallowing gaze falling upon me in darkest night hunger within it. The demon that haunts me is as large as a bear and as stronge as ten men. I slumber now in my cabin of wood fearful of it stepping through my window and spiriting me away to lands unknow. The darkness seeps into my mind clouding it with dark images of death can you hear it, the beast of a thousand voices. Mihi visa putent me bestia bestiam sanguinem tenebrae oculos pingit indiciis.

More pages have been restored and tranlated

Shadows fall on Oregon their sinister forms make even the braviest men quiver in fear. Their formless bodys twist and turn much like my mind but for a few moments of sanity before I drown in my minds own ocean of madness. My coven is thining, the men of the village will kill a witch or warlock even if it's just a prosecution. My mind flickers I must make this quick, no, the villiage idots are here they have torches I fear that this might be my last entry. Timent etiam fusca ostendere: quia omnes in sanguine insidiantur, et interficere, et vitam mundi magicae velamen amplexantur lapides.

They're dead all of them crimson pours out of them like a river. Their screams of agony and torment fuled my rage. I smashed and slashed their battered bodys every last man, women, and child all dead. The beast is sated and my mind is lost, their howls of pain continue in my mind for ever until I draw my last breath. I can still feel its icy breath of death on my neck it wants more, it needs more it wants me to kill and kill I will.Quod esuriverit et non bestia, magis ac magis necesse est in sanguine sanguis me ut et ego iter villa Septentrionalis

The world turns on and on and I forget the family Ieft behind in spain. I cant go back they abonded me and left me for dead but the beast didn't, he helped me gain power. The magic I wield Is enought to tear apart whole citys but to keep them I must kill. He spoke again to me last night at the darkest hour his raspy voice told me that the village knows and now I must strick I will make my move at dawn. Haerent mortuos omnes in sanguine pluisse occidi eos ipsos deflebant exitium caedesque.

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