The New World Spire
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I awaken to the strange land that many would consider "un-inhabitable". I pulled open the steel door that faced me with my bare hands and was met with a hot sun. As I walked out of the cell that contained me, I gazed upon the world that it was protecting me from. The grand skies that I once saw as blue was an ashen red, the rich earth was not it's usual green but a dark crimson. I took in a long deep breath and I choked on the air, for all I taste is ash and dust.

My eyes then looked further downwards to a single spire in the distance. It was large enough to be seen from where I stood, so I figured I should make my way to it. It was then that I looked down to notice my clothes were not my usual attire, for it is not my regal robes but rather an orange jumpsuit with a unusual symbol. Even a being such as myself could feel something… un-natural about the insignia's significance. It was a circle with a red dot with multiple curves radiating from it. I shook my head and I walked towards the Spire, for hopes that I would find something to get me out of this realm.

After three day cycles and two night cycles, I finally reached the outer edge of the Spire. The architectural design of this place was curious. Thaumaturgically sealed, a huge strain on my eyes to gaze upon at this close of a distance, and the lack of an entrance was very strange. I placed my hands on the Spire's wall to see if it was real or an illusion. From a mere touch, my body felt an electrical current coursing through my palms. The power pulsing through my limbs was immense. I removed my hands from the wall, now burnt black from the power. Already my arms began the process to regenerate but it was taking its time.

To have the power to kill a normal person from a mere touch meant there was something they wanted to protect the inside. I wandered around the perimeter of the Spire for a few days and nights. From my observations, I saw nothing to indicate a way in or out. By the fifth day, I had collapsed to the dirt floor. The heat blaring down on me was making me lose so much energy, I felt like I wanted to lie down and cry and surrender myself to the Gods of death. Although I cannot tell you when I fell to my knees and played out my thoughts.

The dirt slowly buried me deeper and deeper into the ground, till I was completely absorbed. Even in the cooling depths of Mother Earth, I still felt like my strength was gone. I do not know who or what brought me back from the dirty depth of reality. I only remember a blinding light and awaking in a cold metal room with a delicious source of water. I cupped my hands and took a long gulp, enjoying the sweet taste of pure H2O.

After gathering up my strength, I got off of my knees and investigated the room. It was barren and cold and deprived of any imagination. It reminded me of that cell I was in. The roof of this room was not metal but rather packed earth, which explained how I got into the room but I couldn't find an exit wound. Nothing to say I came in except me being in here. I found it odd but then again, I was inside the Spire… or what I thought was the Spire anyway.

I soon pushed the door open gently and then peered through, only to be taken aback with the sight. It was cylindrical, each surface of this seamless environment was lined with habitation blocks. Not so much as cells but more like living quarters for personnel in a castle. Same conditions, but with a tiny bit more luxury of having a springy bed. I wandered the walkway across and down each level for who knows how long. As far as I knew, it felt like I was walking in an underground city lost to time. So much planning went into this place and yet it would never be used.

This place wasn't disturbed for some time, the amount of dust on the walkway was proof enough. There was no sunlight or windows for natural light so I cannot tell what time it was from where I walked, but all I know is that I am walking down. If my thought is correct, then this and the Spire are connected. Which means that someone downstairs must be powering all of this, which means I can finally have someone to talk to and get answers.

On the 36th floor, I reached the staircase and found discarded riot armor. I peered inside the suit to see if there is something inside but alas, it was just dust. I didn't bother with the rest for I felt that I would only see the same result. I grabbed some armor to put on over my orange jumpsuit and a weapon. I didn't know how to use it, but I could learn as I went.

After descending to the 64th floor, I noted that the lack of dust was becoming more and more apparent. To me, this suggested that there was someone down here. Might be something or nothing, I didn't care, so long as I find them and have contact. Have a conversation with someone and get an idea of what was going on.

Each floor was having less and less dust until I reached the 104th floor. Clean as a whistle until I peered into a large room that was different from the other habitation blocks. it looked to be a dining hall but… the dust was everywhere. On seats and all over the floor but not the tables. I felt like I knew the answer as to what happened but it still made me shiver. I grabbed an outdated bar of chocolate and carried on my way.

As I arrived on the 209th floor, I heard something that would have given me a heart attack were it not for my gift. I rushed to the side with my weapon and looked up at the endless cylinder. It was coming from above and climbing down to my floor. Very fast. I rushed to the next set of stairs and kept on running as fast as my legs could carry me. Even if my body could survive being electrocuted to death or starvation, I was not sure my mind could survive it. I rushed further and further into the facility.

I ran forward into a random room, not wanting to turn around and fight. I put all my strength into the door and locked it tight. Then I turned around and reinforced it with something that can hold the door down if only for a moment. Whatever it was that chased me, it was a relentless hunter. Just from knowing it was in the same cylinder as me, I felt my heart pounding through my chest, pumping as much blood as it can to support me.

As I was catching my breath, I decided to look around the room. I noticed that it was different than the others. It appeared to be a meeting room of sorts. There was two long tables and a podium in-between the two, as a sort of council seating. I brushed my hand on the table to feel what it is like. Smooth, polished marble. Darkened to give the room a menacing look to any who was in the middle. The podium was made of the same stuff as the tables, although it was broken a bit - chipped, a few impact marks here and there on the surface.

I then brought my eyes to the center of the room and… I felt an effect I never thought I would experience in any life time. I could hear it calling me, beckoning me to touch it. It was an engine. From the looks of it, it appeared that it was an old train engine. It called me to just touch it. I felt my mind losing its will to resist the temptation, to resist the power that this engine had on me.

I walked forward, arm raised to touch it…

Before I could, my mind was shown images. Images of a long gone era, of towers and people enjoying life, of animals and crystal clear blue skies and lush green earth. Before I collapsed from the sheer mind fuck I received, I heard two things. The door being forced open with something entering from behind, and two words that echoed over and over in my mind till I mumbled it out loud.

But I couldn't hear myself, as I collapsed on the floor, feeling nothing.

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