The References

Welcome to the References.

You kneel down, brushing away the cobwebs on the bookshelves. This part of the Library is quiet — no scholars or Wanderers are browsing its shelves, and even the Pages and Docents seem to ignore it. The tomes here are old, even by the Library's standards. They're not for checkout, and are only occasionally pulled out when needed for historical research.

The References contain the many pages rendered obsolete by the continued growth of the Library. These pages are no longer maintained, often inaccurate, and sometimes poorly designed, but all offer a unique look into the past of the Library. That said, enjoy the reads.

Reference Titles

Explanation — An explanation of what the site is. Succeeded by the Orientation.
Featured Archive — An archive of old articles featured on the Front Page. Good reads!
Introduction — A little page meant to be a segue into the Library for new readers.
Prompt Archive — An archive of old Front Page Prompts, before we stopped doing those. They inspired plenty of good content in their day.
Site Rules — The former rules page, before the rules were wrapped into the Orientation.
Tag Guide — The old guide to tagging pages. Succeeded by the Tagging Guide.
The Archives — A hub page with stories that take place within the Library itself.
The Librarians — A little page with some information on the mysterious Librarians.
The Old Library — The old navigation system of the Library. Succeeded by Enter The Library.
The Library Archived — The even older navigation system of the Library. The Old Library (then simply called The Library) took over, but now Enter The Library is the main navigation system.
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