The Rounderpede's Nest
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You can feel the must of rotting paper and glue heavy in the air. This place is old — older than you or the bones littering the rough-hewn floor, only some of which are human. Maybe as old as the Library itself. Not that you'd know — you're the only person you know to have come this deep and survived this long. The kerosene lamp trembles in your hand as you explore your surroundings, running your hands over the aged books, pressed together to form walls as hard as any concrete. You hear a skittering noise behind you, and whip the lantern around in terror. There it stands in front of you, in all its horror — a writhing serpent of chitin and legs, looping over itself endlessly in a shifting dance. Your eyes drift up to find its head, but all you can see are two piercing white eyes. The Horror of Shelf 17-North-by-West, the Protector of Knowledge, the Eighth Archivist — you've stumbled right into…

The Rounderpede's Nest

Stolen Stories

» Nothing «

They weren’t of any significant size, not at first. A missing definition here, an absent passage there. Just gone from the book, leaving a black blot of parchment behind.

» Conversations With The Serpent «

They have always existed. In the Garden, it was YHWH. In your history, it has been Caesar's armies and every invading empire. Now, it is your Jailors and your Bookburners. I cannot think like a Man — so tell me, why are they winning?

» #PlanasthaiIsOverParty «

"Opened the new ⁂planasthai feature to find it… paywalled. The prices for a subscription are exorbitant, too — they literally cost just as much as normal but as marketed as bargain. Very disappointed. #PlanasthaiIsOverParty"

» An Abridged History of Chief Archivists «

Archivist is not only a species of Librarians, but also a rank within the Library. These esteemed individuals, granted the highest position available for their servitude to the Library, are more often called the Chief Archivists or Grand Archivists to distinguish them from their blind namesakes. There is always a Chief Archivists - upon death, the Library itself selects a successor through its Librarians. As of writing, there have been Eight Grand Archivists of the Library.

» On The Common Vampyre «

Understanding the anatomy and weaknesses of even only the Common Vampyre will give you an advantage over all Species of such you may encounter in your travels, the importance of which cannot be overstated. Even the banal Common Vampyre is many times more powerful than a Human, and poses a significant danger in combat. I suggest you use this Chapter to arm yourself with the knowledge that might one day save your life.

» Novoathens Police Department «

An unassuming black wand sat in the silk cushioning of the box. No wandmaker monogram, no seal of Federal Occult Administration certification, not even a craftman's signature. Looking at the box, he couldn't even find a serial number.

"What is this? Where did you even get this thing? I'm pretty sure this breaks like fifteen of the Wand Codes, man."

» On Thieves And Punishment «

If prostitution is the world's oldest profession, then theft must come in at a close second. From the moment sapient life conceived the concept of owning things, an equal and opposite concept was conceived, focused solely on the taking of things owned by others. As cavepeople squatted in their caves gnawing on roasted meat, Neanderthals from a different cave looked on and thought to themselves about how much nicer that venison would look in their hands.

» A Misplaced Letter «

I laid in a pool of blood, some my own, mostly others, for hours, dead silent. The body on top of me had shielded me from view in the desert night. I waited until long after I had heard the last pa'ask's hooves fade away to crawl out from beneath the cadaver of my friend and drag myself through the graveyard.

» Earth & Fire «

The Kingdom rests on the highest summit of the tallest mountain in the world. The King of the Sky had brought the world into existence, shaping it from the void that separated the stars. He built a grand city at its highest point from gold and platinum, a city worthy of housing his love—the Ocean.

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Burglarized Biography

The Rounderpede is a fearsome beast crawling the Library's deepest chasms, widely believed to be one of the fabled Archivists.

But fuck that guy. I'm Rounderhouse, semi-relevant SCP author and semi-infamous Wanderer's Library Administrator. I write, read, tag, organize, and promote works on the Library. My favorite genre of writing is (obviously) speculative fiction, but I also have a fondness for classic science fiction and historical epics. Writing, reading, and talking about both are some of my favorite activities, and ones that take up much of my free time — I can oft be found in the WL Discord and IRC, or the SCP IRC (#site19). Unlike Rounderpede, I (usually) don't bite — feel free to pop in and chat!

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