The Study Of Ancient Spells
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The Study Of Ancient Spells

Authorized By:██████ ████

Chapter 1- Introduction to Spells

Wands are preferable do to their size and prosition.

If you rather use a staff you must use the head of it instead of moving the whole staff.

Casting Tools should be light if your Casting Tool is heavier put it within something easier to handle.

Bag of Holding Spell,

Items Needed: 1.Casting Tool,1. Bag/object that can store things.

Point your casting tool at the object you wish and sway your casting tool in a perfect square saying these words in your native language “You Carry,I praise,You Carry more,I Cheer.” And it will turn the object into a bag of infinite holding,if you wish to add a lock to the bag of holding point your casting tool at the bag making a key shape saying the words in your native language “I cheer you give,they wish to steal from you,I wish to protect with these words I lock you,*your own password*”.

Casting Item Spell,

Items Needed:1.Casting Tool,1. New unchanted item.

Point your casting tool tool towards your new item1 and say in your native language “Once Was,Will Once Be More.” This will transfer your casting tool’s ability to the object you picked,if you don’t like how the new item works you can easily do it again.

Notes: you can not do this to an already magical item.
Example: you try and take item’s casting power using this spell,
Results: None.

Example: you get an unchanted staff and use this spell on it.
Results: new magic staff.

Basic Protection Spell,

Items needed: 1. Casting tool.

Quickly move your casting tool in the direction you are about to get hit and quickly say your native language “Repel Damage.” This will likely block any basic attacks or spells but won’t work against stronger spells.

Voodoo And Phobia Curse,

Items Needed: 1. Casting tool,1. Cotton Doll, 1.part of person you want to curse this can be a bodily fluids,skin,hair,exe, 4. lit candles,1. Sewing kit.

Take the part you stole from the individual you want to curse open up the voodoo doll placing it inside then sewing the doll back up, then place the doll down in a dark room surrounded by the lit candles in a diamond shape,than take your casting tool point it at the doll and say in the victims current language “I wish of thi victim pain sorrow and horror,I wish it all,*name of victim* I wish I could give you this torture in this doll.” And then you will have a Voodoo Doll of the individual,if you harm the doll they surly will get injured.

If you wish to curse them with a phobia point your want at the Voodoo Doll and make a diamond shape with your casting tool and say in your victims current language “*name of victim* you deserve the worst pain of all,hopelessness,you my weak little doll shall fear *name of what you wish the victim to fear.*”

No matter if you choose water the victim will fear whatever you choose.

Disarming Spell,

Items Needed: 1. Casting Tool.

Quickly sway your casting tool in a lightning shape zag pointing at your enemies casting tool saying in your native language “This power belongs elsewhere.” Unless they are using a blocking spell this will always work unless there item is very very powerful.

Sight Spell,

Item Needed: 1. Casting Tool ,if want any light source.

You can cast this spell without gathering any light but gathering light improves the strength and length of the spell,Gathering a light sorce it must be something like a candle.2

To gather a light sorce point your Casting Tool towards the light and exclaim in any language you wish “Join as we glow.” And you will gather the light.
To expell the light from your Casting Tool day in any language “Shine And Glow for me.”
This will make a light come from your tool.

Basic Attack Spell,

Item Needed: 1. Casting Tool.

Point your Casting Tool at your oponate and say in a serious tone in your native language “God blast thi sinner.” This will blast a strong energy at your enemy that may knock over them or paralyze them even depends on where you hit.

Basic Warp Spell,

Items Needed: 1. Casting Tool.

Point your casting tool into the air making a circle gesture with your tool saying in goblin language,
”Gïburk Eįú hûñįm jęw *name of place*”
that translates to,
“Transport Thi Mortal To *name of place*.”
This teleports you to the destination you chose,you can also point your Casting Tool at an enemy wile saying the spell and it will send the enemy to that destination.

Energy Weapon Spell,

Item Needed: 1. Casting Tool.

hold the casting tool like you would hold the weapon you wish for and say the weapons name in [Redacted] and the casting tool will act like that weapon.

Domestic Spell,

Items Needed: 1. Casting Tool, 1. Organism.

Make a heart shape with your a Casting Tool making that creatures noise will make the creature easier to tame or if already domesticated will tame the creature.

Note: this spell does not work on more intelligent creatures like humans,goblins,

Bewinging Spell,

Item Needed: 1. Casting Tool,feather/
bat bird or insect wing.

first take the wing or feather and place it on a flat surface,point your Casting Tool at the wing or feather than point straight above your head saying in elven language
“Į vįkc tì hūpi œ sū yūge ñq sīwp,dêt mñie
tì kæńyärg wïquw nini ęwīf shėgb.”
translates to,
“I clip the angel oh so young and sweet,
but may the heavens lift me off my feet.”

this will give you the wings of the creature you chose,they will be proportionate to your size even if you chose insect wings.

Flight Spell,

Items Needed: 1. Casting Tool,1. Jar of Mist/Fog.

Point your casting tool at the jar than above it and say in elvenian language
“Dîęqb gę,Køwčį qø jōwqē,rįax ęwīf yęœ
lvįßė hūįrw ēñu ńūxvmù.”
translates to,
“Delicate Be,Conceal no longer,follow me you precious beauty into wonder.”

Elemental Spell,

Item’s Needed:1.Casting Tool,1. The Book Of Nature.

If you don’t have The Book Of Nature to craft one you need,1. empty book,16. Blades of grass,1.drop of water,1.ash,
1.thin piece of metal,3.pebbles,1.grain of sand,1.drop of blood.

After adding those items together inside the empty book point your Casting Tool towards the book making a square shape you will speak in your native language,
“Bind as one to form as life once forged.”
this will give you The Book Of Nature.

The Book Of Nature contains multiple element spells you can use but if you simply have the book on you,Your casting tool can use elemental spells if you simply state what element you wish to use in your native language.

How To Craft A Curse,

*only this part of the page was coated in blood,analyses of blood shows no connection to any existing creature only close resemblance being █████.*

██████’s Spell,

Item’s Needed: 1.Casting Tool.

Point your Casting Tool at your own mouth and say in █████ language,
[Data Redacted] witch translates to,
“Traditions are passed,I respect them all,
May I join their tongue to respect thi.”
Which will make you able to speak fluently in any language.

Horde Spell,

Items Needed: 1. Casting Tool,1.Vile of Blood.

You face your wand to the ground wearing the vile of blood on your neck you will make a triangle shape and say in ordeck language “Gîmú Będrz Łį Wæwr.”
translates to.
“Join Me Brothers Lets Battle.”
This will make an army of organic rock creatures who are armed with swords or bows,these beasts will fight for you to death,amount of creatures spawned depends on your magic powers.

Labor Spell,

Items Needed: 1.Casting Tool,8. Squid Tentacles,8. Drops of human blood.

Make each tentacle have its own drop of blood than put them into a pile swaying your Casting Tool in a circle you must say in your native language “Apart,A whole, friends i have for you a chore.” This will make you your own personal humanoid squid servant who can do almost everything you demand.

Glorious Curse,

Items Needed:1.Casting Tool,1. Chalice of hero blood,1.Gibbon Spice.

Place the blood of a heroic figure into the chalice, mix the blood with the gibbon spice than say in vampiric language “Igenois oiuf ure joidēs vīėt a rìēøm, de sēirs oiuf vēæms zôl kîõ wô fœwn.”
witch translates to,
“Ignorance of your goods what a shame, the cheers of fans will slowly eat you alive as you will rise to fame.”
than make a person drink this,they will for now on be seen by others as amazing and people will always ask of the victim to do things, this effect won’t alter the casters view on the victim.

Cat Skin Curse,

Items Needed: 1.Casting Tool,1. Cat Pelt.

Put the cat pelt onto the person you wish to curse than point your Casting Tool at the person and say in a soft voice “copy this,copy that,you are unoriginal you weak little copy cat.” This will turn the person into a small feline version of themselves that will copy actions you command it to copy.

Notes: once a very powerful woman gave herself a reversible version of this curse after learning the secret to immortality, this is why there is the sane that cats have infinite lives.

Basic Metamorphoses Spell,

Items Needed: 1. Casting Tool,Blood.

Get the blood of the creature or person you wish to transform into and consume it,
how long the spell lasts depends on the amount of blood you consume.

Point your Casting Tool at the container holding the blood and say in your native language “Let the angels and demons craft me into another form.” And once you drink the blood you will turn into whatever the blood is of for a period of time.

one drop of blood= one minute.

Goblins Bet,

Warning: this is not a forbidden spell but a spell to be careful of.
Items Needed: 1. Casting Tool, 1. Passage/Door, Something to bet on.

Take your casting tool and point it at the passage making a key shape saying I’m goblin language “Eiq Yeim jew beirpuied wik eiueq goblin” wich translates to “I’ve come to bargain with you trickster.” When this is said you and only you will be able to go into the dimension the door leads to wile the spell is cast,anyone who goes through the door will go through it normally, when you the caster enter it though you will see a trading post with a stole to sit on where you will see a goblin who will offer you to play one of his three games
wich you must bet something on the game or you gain no prize or chance to play any of the games and you will get kicked out for a few hours,you can bet anything including memory’s,feelings,drawings,toys,anything except actual currency.

The three games you can pick from are:
Goblin Choice Cards,
Guess the Price, or
Disarm Block or Raise/Lower.

Guess the Price is a game where you have to guess how much actual money does the item of the goblins choosing coas,this is difficult because the goblin will choose things like memories or how much is this girls virginity,kinda impossible.

Disarm Block or Raise/Lower is a game played with your casting tools,you can either raise the amount of worth your prize is,blockthe goblins attack,or disarm.
If both you and the goblin disarm at once both players stay in the game,
If you both block nothing happens,you are the only one who will raise the prize and if you pick Raise when the Goblin picks Disarm you lose,if you pick disarm and the goblin picks lower the goblin can’t pick lower.

Skill Spell,

Items Needed: 1. Casting Tool.

Point your Casting Tool at your chest making a star shape thinking of the skill you wish to have as you say it in 5 different languages,this will give you that skill for 10 hours or longer depending on how powerful you are.

Dragon Spit,

Items Needed: 1.Casting Tool,1.full cup of any liquor,1. Any Dragon bodily fluid.

Mix the dragon body fluid with the liquor than point your Casting Tool towards the mix and use the Mixology Spell.
The Mixology Spell is you say in your native language “Taste Wonders Apart, Together Taste Beyond Perfect.”

When these are mixed you have yourself the most alcoholic drink in the multiverse.

Warning: those with weaker immunity to alcohol or people who have drank in the last 12 hours will most likely die of alcohol poisoning.


[Data Expunged]

Golem Spell,

Items Needed: 1.Casting Tool,at least 8 feet of any stone or metal.

Point your Casting Tool at the stone or metal making a triangle shape you will say in █████ language [Data Expunged] witch translates to “hear me summon,see the light of day,feel the ground beneath you,smell the blood of my enemies beneath your feet,join the living my champion.” This will summon a golem that will follow your commands,it’s size will depend on your magical abilities and the size of metal or stone you use.

Pheromone Magic,

Item’s Needed: 1.Casting Tool,1. Jar of Pheromones,1. Wearwolf Tooth, 1. Forever Glue.

Attach the Wearwolf tooth to the tip of your Casting Tool with Forever Glue.

Point your Casting Tool at your jar of pheromones than say in pixinain language
“*two spirals attached to each other similar to the capital A,a filled rectangle symbol only emptied at the top of the rectangle where there is a empty triangle,
8 sided star symbol,what appears to be an eagle symbol with one eye,hammer symbol,two spirals attached to each other similar to the letter V,diamond symbol with three black dots inside forming a triangle,
12 sided star symbol,diamond symbol with six dots inside it,square symbol with a triangle inside it,two red eyes symbols with 10 white lines,6 sided star symbol.*”
witch translates to,
“Inhale within my magic tool,Exhale when I will be needing you.”

Now you will have a lasting magic ability where you can cast out the pheromone by chanting it’s name in pixinain,a burst of magic will than find your target and infect them with the specific affect the pheromone has.

Example: Flower Pheromones.

Results: Person will genuinely feel bliss and act sweet and loving.

Example: Skunk Pheromones.

Results: Person will vomit daily,loses interest in bathing,and catch sickness easily.

Color Magic/Advanced Attack and Defense Spells,

Items Needed: 1. Casting Tool,1. Spectrum Glass, 1. Mirror.

Place the spectrum glass on a flat surface facing the mirror.
Point your wand at the spectrum glass and say in pixinain language,

“Closing your eyes shut makes the color black,the opposite of darkness is the white of day,
warm up that bright light make it anger red in fury now let it cool to an orange than to a yellow,take the color of the blue sky and mix it with the yellow to make life’s blooming color green,take the powerful sea and hot magma to form the simple violet and there you have the rainbow.”

This will give you the ability to cast Color Magic by saying the color in pixinain language you will get different types of shielding,by saying different colors in vampiric language you will do different types of attacks.

Example: Brown Defense.

Results: Deep quicksand pits will block off attackers.

Example: Grey Attack.

Results: Shards of ash stone and sharp objects will gather in a tornado around enemies.

Example: Sky Blue Attack.

Results: Person will get caught in a choke hold and you can throw them around,if you leave them there they will soficate to death.

Example: Brown Attack.

Results: This spell will make a huge serpentine like creature made of quicksand that will hunt and kill foes.

Example: Yellow Defense.

Results: A protective field of energy goes around you or what you imagine it to do.

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