The Volumes

The Volumes

Welcome to the Volumes. This page contains series with multiple entries on site, both by solo authors and collections from multiple authors. You are free to contribute to the following Collections and Books, unless it is mentioned otherwise, as long as you follow the general rules of writing and write something appropriate for the series. Happy reading!

The Collections

The following are groups of works set in the same universe or with cohesive storylines or themes, with multiple authors, five or more entries, and a hub.

Groups of Intrigue

The various Groups of Intrigue and Instance… that we know of, anyway.

Should you find another bunch who scare you, intimidate you, or give you pause, I trust you will research them more thoroughly yourself.
Note: This volume is not open to new entries, except with the permission of rumetzenrumetzen

The Journal of Aframos Longjourney

The Pilgrimage

Whoever you are, if you love the wild and the wondrous, please read on.
Note: This volume is not open to new entries, except with the permission of DrEverettMannDrEverettMann

The World of Elrich

There are many weird places that the Librarians know of, places that people couldn't understand if they tried. And then there's Elrich.

There are nine corners to Elrich, although nobody can quite explain why.

The Wanderer's Station

The Library has achieved liftoff. Welcome to the future.

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The Journal of the Walk

A journal with no name, no years, no sequence…Only wandering and food for thought.

The entries give no clue as to when they were written in terms of a broad historical timeline; regardless, readers have found the lessons and morals in their words and records to be timeless and for all ages.

Last Light

Stories of the last safe place in the multiverse.

The stars of the multiverse blink out, one by one, and everything fades to black. But there is an exception. Only one. And all of creation flocks to this final island.

The Books

The following are groups of works set in the same universe or with cohesive storylines, with one author, five or more entries, and a hub.

Legends of Midgard by Din-BidorDin-Bidor


Imagine. Imagine an ocean of stars, stretching as far as the mind can fathom. Imagine. Imagine worlds of ice and fire, of sand and ash, of earth and water, forever churning in the depths of space. Imagine. Imagine empires and civilizations spanning billions upon billions of worlds, locked in cycles...….

Miyetlapallintlalli by OriCatOriCat


Listen, and you shall hear a story. Before aught else existed, and the universe was a formless void, Hualma came to be. There was no time in the void, yet he waited; no space, yet he was still alone. And Hualma grew lonely, thus, for he was from the beginning a god of creation, and his desire grew...….

Tales from Spears to Flowers by Reasonably PsychoticReasonably Psychotic


The Shelf of Kings: King Spear the Unifier (12BU-0AU) King Shield the Protector (0AU-11AU) King Stone the Stubborn (11AU-33AU) King Snowflake the Singer (33AU-81AU) King Flame the Insane (81AU-85AU) The Shelf of Heroes: Sunglow the Scavenger (11AU) Root Snowflake the Pacifier (27AU)...….

The Collaboratives

The following are works available to contribution from any Wanderer.

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