The White Light Brotherhood
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As Adam Smith stood in front of a baroque-style edifice the size of Saint Peter's Basilica, he reread his brochure to remind himself of what he was doing here.

THE WHITE LIGHT BROTHERHOOD, the title of the brochure exclaimed, and as he read further on, Adam Smith made extensive note of the fact that the brochure didn't explain exactly what that is, only what it was supposed to do for him.

According to the brochure, under the White Light Brotherhood one would:

"Learn the secrets of the universe."

"Command the forces of the cosmos."

"Travel through other dimensions (both higher and lower)."

"See things beyond the five senses."

"Expand your consciousness to cosmic levels."

And of course, "so much more".

Having finished rereading the brochure, Adam Smith wondered if he'd even be interested in this kooky cult, if this same brochure hadn't spontaneously materialized in his mailbox as he was checking it that morning. He then reasoned that it doesn't matter now - he already came all the way here, he might as well go all in.

Giving the 10-foot-tall mahogany door three good raps, Adam Smith then waited for a bit until he heard the sound of the door unlocking. He also heard a petite andv curt voice telling him to "come in." The feminine quality of this voice intrigued Adam Smith, as he assumed that a "Brotherhood", would be something of a boy's club, no girls allowed.

Upon entering the room, Adam Smith was treated to a sight both strange and shocking. The inside of the building seemed to have been modeled after an M.C. Escher painting, with stairways that seemed to defy all three-dimensional geometry, paintings that appeared to become furniture at certain points, and doors that looked like they had been installed in optical illusions that broke the graphical laws of perspective. The building itself seemed to be much bigger on the inside than the already massive outside - the interior was at least the size of a city, if not much larger.

Compunding all this absburdity was the appearance of the one who invited Adam Smith in. "She" (or maybe "it") was an absolutely stunning figure from the neck down. Legs with strong, thick thighs led up to round, plump buttocks. The figure sported a well-muscled abdomen and arts, with perky and firm DDD-cup breasts on her chest, the cleavage displayed by a circular hole in the royal purple qipao she wore.

From the neck upwards was a completely different story, as one would quickly realize while looking at her that:

1. She had no hair

2. She had no eyes

3. She had no nose

4. She had no mouth

5. She had no ears

She wasn't even a butterface, she had no face at all! The disrepancy between the sensual appeal of her body and the featurelessness of her head caused a massive uncanny valley effect to wash over Adam Smith, and he was striken with fear - almost petrified, even. The humanoid creature directed him towards a table that seemed to be floating and standing on the ground at the same time, and told him to sit and wait on a similarly floating-yet-standing chair.

"The Venerable Master will see you shortly", she said. Then she teleported out of the room, producing no sound whatsoever.

After the initial shock of the humanoid thing's facelessness, the silent teleportation didn't even phase Adam Smith. During Adam Smith's wait, a huge basket suddenly appeared on top of the table, filled with fresh bananas, oranges, strawberries, bags of Sweet and Spicy BBQ Sun Chips, cans of Cherry Coke, and bottles of Crystal Head Vodka. At first, Adam Smith didn't dare to even touch the food - for all he knew, they were all covered in poison. However, since he only ate a light sandwich bought at a gas station 14 hours ago, during the whole course of his roadtrip here, Adam's stomach held a wildly different opinion. With his stomach groaning and grumbling, Adam's resolve melted, and he was about to take a banana and peel it, when the humanoid creature's voice rang out again.

"Please get up. The Master is ready for you now."

Adam whimpered for a bit, but quickly rose from his chair - he didn't want to risk irritating this thing and its "Master" by keeping them waiting. He would have to go hungry. As the two walked through seemingly endless and nongeometrical corridors, Adam Smith gathered up enough courage to ask a single, simple question.

"So…um…what is your name, miss?"

"Sǐwáng Dìyù, Shìjiè Huǐmiè Zhě."

"That sounds like a beautiful name."

"It is. And we have now arrived at Master's office."

They stepped inside the office room, only for Adam Smith to drop his jaw in amazement at the sheer opulence of the chamber. The walls of the room where all plated in pure platinum, and on it hanged an unending series of fabulous artistic masterpieces, with all major art styles and time periods represented equally. On every corner was a lifelike statue of a religious leader, ranging from Jesus Christ to Gautama Buddha to the Prophet Muhammad to Zoroaster. There was a massive fireplace in the back of the room, and just above it a golden 4K HD television. In the middle of the room sat a massive mahogney desk, and behind it was throne made with every type of precious metal and mineral. Initially, the throne had its back turned to him, but it quickly turned around to reveal…

…a sharp-faced twentysomething kid in a suit.

"Okay, what is this", Adam Smith sighed in exasperation, only for Siwang to suddenly grab his throat in a crushing deathgrip. The air became thick with the fury and bloodlust she now exuded. Her voice became deep, dark, distorted, and demonic (with noticeable reverb too). On his part, Adam Smith was just about to void himself in fear.

"I will not tolerate you disrespecting the Master in this way, you disgusting worm. An emperor would be honored to be in presence, and you are lower than a dog. I should kill kill you right now for-"

"Now, now Siwang," said the boy, his voice reaching baritones that tell of age and experience untouched by his apparent youth. "Adam Smith is just new to this. Put him down."

As Siwang Diyu let go of Adam Smith, the deep-voiced boy rose up from his throne.

"Let's introduce ourselves properly. Hello, Adam Smith, my name is Richard Johnson. I am the Master of the White Light Brotherhood, and our purpose is to perfect our bodies, minds, and souls, in order to bring ourselves and humanity into ever-closer union with the Absolute."

"How do you know my name already?"

"Most people wear their names on their sleeves, at least mentally speaking."

"You can read minds?"

"Of course."

"But…nevermind. What makes you all that different from any other group of mystics?"

"Most of these mystical orders, from the Sufis to the Tantric Buddhists, barely scratch the surface of the true nature of being, even at the height of their enlightenment. We have dug just a bit deeper. In fact, come closer, Adam Smith."

Adam Smith walked until he was right in front of the desk.

"Close your eyes."

Adam Smith did as he was told. He felt a light tap on his forehead, and then Richard Johnson telling him to…

"Open your eyes again."

Adam Smith did just that, and was greeted with a sight that shattered his entire perception of reality.

He now appared to be outside the planet Earth, which was shrinking right before his eyes, along with the Moon, the Sun, and the other planets, until the entire Solar System became no more than a speck of dust. This effect continued, as star clusters became subatomic, gakaxies became dust motes, galaxy superclusters became microscopic, until the entire observable universe was reduced to less than nothing in Adam Smith's eyes. And Adam Smith cried out "WHAT IS HAPPENING?!"

And Richard Johnson's voice replied "You are about to witness a fraction of the true nature of reality. What you conceive of as "the universe", what scientists call the "observable universe", is merely the most infinitesimal speck of dust within the first level of the Universe."

"The first level?"

"There are an infinite number of levels to the Universe, each higher level a degree of infinity greater than the preceeding one. The Universe is as a fractal, Adam, and one that is infinite in all directions, both spatially and temporally."

As Adam further ascended, he grew able to confirm this, as entire levels of the Universe dwindled to nothing before his very eyes. Soon, he reached the top of the universe, and laid eyes on a strange series of shapes and patterns.

"What you see now is the series of greater cosmic laws that structure this Universe, conceptually visualized for the safety of your mind."

"'This' Universe?"

"Yes, 'this Universe'. For as there are infinite levels of the Universe, so too is the Universe just the first of infinite layers of existence, each layer immeasurably greater than the last. There are also an equal number of layers of nonexistence sitting side-by-side with existence, as well as uncountable layers of transcendent reality beyond the very dual system of existence and nonexistence."


"What's truly unreal is your continued reluctance to be a member of the Brotherhood. Now, look downward, and look closely."

Adam Smith looked down, and looked closely, and saw horrible, dark, creeping things eating at the Universe on all levels, ruining its harmony with the discord inherent in their being. Unbound by physical laws, nongeometrical, and antitemporal, these hideous creatures brought nothing but rot and death to the cosmos. Adam Smith's eyes widened with shock and horror, as Richard Johnson said…

"We have a secondary purpose in addition to our main one. It's to protect humanity and oftentimes even the Universe itself from monsters like these - living atrocities whose very presences act in defiance of nature. We fight these entities day and night so that you don't have to wake up to a world where the sky rains flaming blood and the earth is made of fierce cancer. Now, close your eyes again Adam."

Adam Smith closed his eyes again.

"Open them"

When Adam Smith reopened his eyes, the vision had ended, and he was back in Richard Johnson's office again. Richard Johnson himself was holding out his hand.

"Do you accept our offer to join the Brotherhood?"

Adam Smith thought for a moment, thinking about the pros and cons of all this, then said "I accept", and shook Richard Johnson's hand.

That is how I became a member of the White Light Brotherhood.

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