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From the book "My name is Gregory Wakefield."

I was kinda surprised when I found that there was a whole archive dedicated to my "family" in the library (or that my surname didn't make me a nobody for that matter) so I thought, why not add my info in there? It could help me reunite with the rest!

Gregory Piberius Wakefield (27 years old as of 2019) Currently living in New England,UK | Prime dimension.

* Your typical dimension-hopping photographer.

* I was born in a really bad place, and settled down in another bad place, why is the anomalous so hated in the prime dimension?

* Official librarian, I have been roaming the library and other dimensions for about 11 years.

* Regenerative abilities, maybe a human, maybe not, does it really matter?

* I am very aware of the SCP Foundation and the G.O.C, no need to worry about me!

I wold not be in a folis paradyce.

From the "Paston Letters", 1462.

You're standing next to me
My mind holds the key
I'm living in an age
That calls darkness light
Though my language is dead
Still the shapes fill my head
I'm living in an age
Whose name I don't know
Though the fear keeps me moving
Still my heart beats so slow
My body is a cage

Recovered documents.

-in the dream journal of a lonely writer, whose life was lost to a sulky moon in a thousand sleepless nights.

My Journal.


My memory album.


The place where I sleep.
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Drone photography is surprisingly a pain.
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Tripod photography is surprisingly NOT a pain.
The forbidden fruit.
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Of which Eve and Adam ate.
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