With Gods
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When I picked the cup up with trembling hands, I saw Winster was staring at me with a smile. His shape was half hidden in the shadows, away from the bright yellow of the stove.

“When the time was still passing for me, I traveled across the land of exile as a missionary, preaching gospel to alien races,” He said. “Have you ever seen a burning oracle? The flame was roaring like a blazing furnace, blinding eyes of every watcher with extreme heat. That was the light out of god.”

Then he murmured, “The Emperor of Evernight, the embodiment of the devils of the Netherworld, was standing in my way. Her left eye was bleeding, and her wings were full of scars. She whispered me, “I thought you were an atheist.”

“Why do I have to be an atheist? My lord is benevolent and generous. He taught us to improve ourselves and follow the example of noble souls. He didn’t even commanded us to worship.” However, the Emperor of Evernight laughed aloud, “The god you have faith in is now yielded to the law of the void. The frozen world devoured benevolence and generosity. You can make a bet with me if you don’t believe that.” Thereupon I bit her on the arm that holds the sword.

I heard a voice saying, “this man drank my blood. Thus, my blood will run in his forever. ” There occurred another voice speaking, “I hereby put a curse on you in the name of the God of Light, you betrayer who received blood of devil. You will never stand in the face of light.”

The fiend kissed me on my forehead, “Since you curse my children to stay in the dark, I bestow him the power of Evernight. He will be immortal, gain wings, and sip blood. The earth shall serve him no more, and he will soar over the lands.

As the fire of stove died off, darkness and chill engulfed the room. The sharp fangs of Winster stabbed into my neck, drinking from it. Then, another kind of power was poured and crammed into my body.

“I am the descendant of the Night Fiend, abandoned by the God of Light. I drain your mortal blood, replacing them with nectar of immortality. From now on, you will share the glory of Evernight with me.”

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