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Hello, and welcome to the Sunday Update. I'm your host, Ling Xi, joined by Thomas Boatright, here to discuss last night's presidential debate. Thomas, what are your thoughts?

Well Ling, I thought it was obvious that Mayor Brown was floundering almost the entire time. He clearly was not properly prepared, more so when compared to President Hilbert's cool, collected performance. It's especially interesting to see how their showings have, ah, effectively switched from last time. People have already latched onto his comments on the situation in India as callous and, to quote blogger Gunther Swift, “showing an appalling but not surprising lack of empathy for victims of the worst war in human history.”

Can't say I disagree, and if I'm not mistaken his "Not our problem" comment is already propagating on the net. What did you think of the President?

Well as I said before, President Hilbert gave us a strong showing that is sure to bring some independents to his side, changelings especially. They're a demographic that is becoming increasingly relevant in securing the win. Personally I doubt he'll live up to his promise to give them the right to have children. That's a volatile subject, and even if he does try to pass an amendment it's almost sure to fall flat. Still, rhetoric's what counts at this point in the game, and he's got that locked down.

I have to disagree. The public has been showing increased support for the changeling cause.

Well yes, obviously support is increasing, but it's all relative. Only 40% of the population currently says they'd be in favor in full changeling rights, which is just not enough. It'll pick up, yes, but serious progress won't be made for another 10 years at least. Til then, it looks like changelings will have to settle for adoption.

True. We take a break for a word from our sponsor…

DL: hey man where was your face last night
Selma: Sorry Jay, had to split to the moon for the family for some weak tourist stuff. Party = success?
DL: ns except mary tried spazz for the first time and seized. should of know she cant take a hit
Selma: Haha yeah but what did you expect? Dumb broad acts like a biggie but an act's all it is.
DL: repeat it. i wish scottie would just dump her and move on
Selma: No chance of that as long she keeps her tricks.
DL: yup
Selma: So, buzz at Hampton's tonight?
DL: fuck no that asshole wants to castrate me i still owe him 50 kays from two weeks ago. just come over to my place
Selma: Cool, see you then.
DL: wys

People act like I'm not human, like I'm some sort of abomination just because my genes happen to be different from the norm. But I don't care. I ignore their prejudice and keep moving, because at the end of the day I'm proud to be changeling.
Paid for by the changeling Rights and Liberties Society

Name: Maxwell Lawrence

Accusation(s): Trafficking of AI, twelve counts; Manufacture of Illegal Technology, five counts; Distribution of Illegal Technology, five counts; Murder in the First Degree, one count. Association with terrorist organizations (Suspected but not charged).

Verdict: Guilty on all charges

Sentence: Death

Judge's Comments: I understand that the Lawrence case has been under intense public scrutiny these past four months, but it is my opinion that he is undeniably guilty of the aforementioned crimes. There are three main concerns that have been repeatedly brought up regarding his possible innocence. One: The unlocked replicators and virus did not contain his digital fingerprint, but rather that of an unrelated man. This is true, however, evidence from a source I am unwilling to disclose at this time shows that Mr. Lawrence has managed to switch fingerprints with another individual. Even if this were not the case, the crimes of trafficking and murder would be more than enough to sentence him to death. Two: Evidence that the AIs have been reprogrammed while in police custody. This is patently false, as any digital forensic analyst will report. Three: That the government has a vested interest in removing Mr. Lawrence from the political scene. While it is true that Mr. Lawrence has led the charge in the movement to remove the current political leadership from power, this had nothing to do with my decision on the case. It is for these reasons that I say Mr. Lawrence is guilty of all crimes, and have sentenced him to death.

Welcome back to the Sunday Update! I'm Ling Xi, and joining me is Professor Herbert Shwig, author of the bestselling book "The Second Revolution". Welcome to the show Mr. Shwig, we're glad to have you here.

I'm glad to be hear Ling.

Let's start with the obvious question. For those who haven't read your book, what exactly does "the second revolution" refer to?

Good question. As we all know, in the late 20th century and early 21st there was a truly massive shift in cultural thinking, specifically the way we viewed and interacted with technology. Things like cell phones, the internet, video games all went from be sort of "niche" things to being completely ubiquitous. My argument is that a similar revolution is happening right now in how we interact with ourselves. An excellent example of this is the changeling movement, where people are, essentially, changing their children's genes pre-birth to make them an entirely different, though related, species than Homo Sapiens.

And you believe that this will someday become as normal as, say, the internet?
Precisely. Currently gene-changing is a niche movement, consigned to only select individuals viewed as "abnormal". In the next 20-50 years, I feel we're going to see continued acceptance of the changeling until eventually it's the norm. Something similar is already happening with the integration of technology into our bodies. Currently almost 60% of the population has a tech upgrade in someway. If it's alright with me asking, do you?

Well, yes.

And so do I. See, this is what I mean. When tech upgrades first emerged in 2021, they were viewed as abnormal, and those who used them shunned. In just 29 years it's gone to something totally socially acceptable.

And gene-changing and tech upgrading aren't the only movements you're referring to are you?

Not at all. Skin grafting is becoming more and more popular as well. Scientists in New Japan are close to perfecting a procedure best referred to as "body swapping". We're about to see an explosion of human customizability.

I see. Well thank you for time Mr. Shwig.

It was my pleasure.

DL: dude are you listening to the stream right now?
Selma: No. What's going on?
DL: louis blaire is fucking dead man
DL: he fucking shot himself
Selma: No.
DL: yes
Selma: Why would he do that?
DL: i dunno because he raps about how much his life hates him for a living maybe? no way someone does that and isn't a bit shorted out in the head
Selma: Wow.
Selma: I just…
Selma: Wow.
DL: i know dude
Selma: I seriously feel like I just want to break something right now.
DL: i know
Selma: How could he just do that to his fans? Why would he just abandon us like that?
DL: i know

Case #: 1285883-A

Evidence Designation #: 001

Evidence Type: Audio Log

Defendent: President Warren Hilbert

Subjects: President Warren Hilbert and Presidential Advisor Mallard Cohen


[14:04:37] President Hilbert: Fuck that. We can't take any risks right now. We slip up and our asses are hung out for the whole world to see.

[14:04:48] Mallard Cohen: Sir, we have it under control. I assure you, my men are exercising extreme caution on the matter.

[14:05:00] President Hilbert: “Your men?” What the fuck Mallard? Do you think I keep you around so you can have others do the work for you?

[14:05:12] Mallard Cohen: Sir, please hear me out-

[14:05:16] President Hilbert: No, you hear me out. Pull your men out. Fix your own shit. I don't want to hear about this again until everything is cleaner than fucking clean. Understand?

[14:05:34] Mallard Cohen: … Yes sir.

[14:05:40] President Hilbert: Good. Then quit wasting my time.

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DL: selm
DL: hey
DL: selm wake up
Selma: I'm trying to sleep.
DL: no selm listen, im in some deep shit i need your help
Selma: What's going on?
DL: its fucking hampton. he's after me man says i owe him 40 kays.
Selma: You do owe him 40 kays.
DL: no man i payed him back but he says i owe interest. says hes gonna gut me good man
Selma: Okay, come squat at my place. I'll open the door.
DL: youre a lifesaver selm i fucking love you man

My Body
Silvester Smith

My body is
It is
this is what they tell me
as I walk the streets
I made
mistakes but still I am persecuted
They say I cannot
give birth
That my children will be
Like me
That is there word for me
But that is a lie they tell to help them sleep at night
To help them ignore the fact they are the real monsters
And I am just a victim of their hate
My body is beautiful
My body is clean
My body is pure
Because I am a changeling

President Cohen Impeached!
Jonathan Urameshi
In a shocking twist in the presidential elections, it has recently been announced that a motion to impeach President Cohen for charges of illegal AI manufacture has been introduced to the House of Representatives. The President, who has at numerous times expressed disgust at artificial intelligence, has been the subject of a federal investigation for at least a year, according to anonymous sources. These sources also say that there are suspected links between the President and recently convicted AI smuggler/manufacturer Maxwell Lawrence. The President was unavailable for comment.

Name: Dylan Lawrence

DOB: 03/12/33

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Race: Asian American

Cause of Death: Blood loss and organ trauma caused by multiple stab wounds to the stomach, head, neck, and groin.

Name: Selmanius Bags

DOB: 09/01/33

Eyes: Blue

Hair: White

Race: African American

Cause of Death: Blood loss and organ trauma caused by multiple stab wounds to the stomach, head, neck, and groin.

Is there anything you regret in life?
There are a lot of things I regret in life.
Yes. What I regret most, I think, is looking downward at where I stood, never forward. Maybe if I had looked up once in a while I could have seen where we were headed. Maybe I could have helped avoid it.

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