81st Turn, Seventh Year, Twenty-Third Cycle, Skyday
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From the Journal of Aframos Longjourney, Pilgrim

With notes by Avos Torr, Scholar of Rheve Library

Skyday, Twenty-third Cycle, Seventh Year, 81st Turn

Seventy-Sixth Day in the Trees

There are people out there, we now know. They step carefully, for there are very few traces, but they made a mistake. We moved slowly for what must have been an hour, and then ran forward. We heard them scatter, but they were not expecting us to move so quickly. We found an area where the leaves had been disturbed. There were footprints. We moved other leaves, and found more.

They seem to be two-legged, from what we could see. Their feet are long, and widen quite a bit toward the front. Their feet end in long claws that dig into the soil and pierce the leaves. I imagine their feet are very tough, or else the worms that crawl among the leaves would give them problems.

They are never far away now, since we found proof that they are out there. Occasionally we can make out a word, though we do now know their meanings. "Karetsa," we might hear, or "Scafice." What are they thinking? Are they angry? Are they afraid? What will they do?

Fortunately, they show no intention of entering the light. I think perhaps they are sensitive to it. Perhaps they have large eyes, to be able to see in this place1. So that gives us protection.

Until the lamp runs out, at least.

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