A Death in the Universe
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Shattered glass,
Or maybe confetti with a bit of snow,
Flew out of my mouth.
My lungs were set
on eternal fire,
The only lights in the cold

Galaxies swam past me,
Looking, envying
And eating
Each other's
Mesmerizing bioluminiscence
Like a last meal
As I fell.

I reached the edge
The edge of the ethereal
Rough as sea sand,
Delicate as an apology,
Warm as a star.

An Oarfish, gentle comet.
Glittering foam left its eyes,
To become my casket,
My blanket,
As it flew away, into the wild

I tried to crawl, enmarking
A trail in space.
I looked back at the sky
Where invisible wonders,
And a comforting obscurity greeted me
Just before oxygen
Escaped my blood
To travel throughout the immense

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