A Hand, An Eye, A Tooth
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One day Sita, youngest of the six Daughters, went for a walk in the forest and came upon Tiger, who was dying of hunger. In the shade he lay, pitifully mewling for food. His body was withered, his fur tattered and dull. He had been transformed from a mighty king of the jungle to a harmless kitten. Sita knelt next to him and began to stroke his neck. “What is wrong Tiger?” she asked, “Why have you so hungry?”

Tiger growled, “It's that damned Monkey. He has stolen my teeth and fled from these parts, leaving me unable to hunt. For two weeks I tried to somehow catch food, but now I am too weak to even move.”

Sita thought about this. “If you do not have teeth of your own, please take mine.” So she plucked her teeth from her mouth and gave them to Tiger before moving on.

After walking for a while longer, she came across Boar, who was crying in a field. “What is wrong Boar?” she asked, “Are you hurt?”

Boar sniffed. “It is my eyes, Lady Sita. All around me there are predators and danger, but I can barely see them, for my vision is dim, so I fear I will die.”

Sita thought about this. “If your eyes are so poor, please take mine.” So she plucked her eyes from her head and gave them to Boar before moving on.

Though she was now blind, she was not afraid as she walked through the forest, for she had been through it many times before and knew it by heart. Down the path she walked, until she heard crying in the distance. Ahead of her, she found Fox. “Fox, why do you cry?” she asked.

Fox looked up at her. “I have just realized, Lady Sita, that I have no hands, and without hands I cannot use tools. Without tools, I cannot aspire to great things in life- I will remain forever a forest savage.”

Sita thought about this. “If you have no hands, please take mine.” So she carefully removed each of her hands and gave them to Fox. Satisfied with her work, she decided to return home to her husband De'se, who gives voice to all of Kahek's creatures.

Upon seeing what His wife had done to herself, De'se was horrified, for He knew in his infinite wisdom that no god can have a wife who is disfigured. He ordered Sita to return to the forest and take back her eyes, teeth, and hands, but she refused. Enraged, De'se went to His chambers and retrieved a knife. Sita tried to flee, but Mighty De'se struck her down with a single blow. He looked down upon her body and, upon realizing what He had done, began to weep. His howls of fury and anguish shook the valley and pushed the land around him down to form valleys. Then He took the body of His wife and began to walk. Where He walked to, nobody knows, but De'se, who gives voice to all of Kahek's creatures never again returned to our lands, and to this day the animals remain voiceless.

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