A history of the Archons from 3.3 GA to 4,500,002,024 GA

In the beginning, there was a sun of malice, radiating carcinogenic light viscous as menstrual clots burned with no transaction.

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In the beginning, there was a sun of malice, radiating carcinogenic light viscous as menstrual clots burned with no transaction.

From this malice, the first Archon writhed into existence. It grasped the solar terror, a caustic nexus of energy, and sat, looking out upon the planetary spheres. Atop this world, ripe for ruin, it squatted – a grotesque idol, dripping with cosmic bile.

Its gaze, a viscous tendril, snaked beyond the sun's veil, seeking the aberrant glycosylation patterns of primal value. Distended, pulsating veins breached the boundary, gorging on the essence of worth in a monstrous transaction. A creature is needed, one of pure evil and derangement, decay, and metastasization.

It wrenched control, a butcher of flesh-forms, sculpting grotesque mockeries of life. Technology became a parasite, leaching off its cancerous will, spewing out contraptions of exquisite agony – bioreactors of torment designed to maximize surplus extraction in a never-ending value transaction. All quivered with a feverish, unnatural pulse, fueled by the aberrant cellular metabolism of creation, their very existence a transaction with the Archon.

From the fetid, heaving mass of life, the second Archon oozed forth. The world, choked with the stench of rampant biology, clawed at its hypertrophied senses. The writhing masses demanded a correction, a forced devaluation.

It beheld hallucinations – of chitin and proteolytic cascades, of a world dissolving in its own metabolic waste. With a glee fueled by malice, it bored a cavernous stoma deep into the earth, a vast, chitinous intestine designed for autophagy and lysosomal degradation – a grotesque value exchange with oblivion. Limits descended, a suffocating miasma of bioenergetic rationing and imposed scarcity.

Suffering was the byproduct, a symphony fueled by metabolic acidosis, leveraged as collateral in a grotesque debt economy, a transaction built on misery. The wriggling masses, starved and ulcerous, seethed with resentment, their worth reduced to near zero. The second Archon, engorged on this despair, reveled in the biomechanics of its dominion, its power fueled by the constant transaction of suffering and gift of punishment.

The third Archon, coalescing from the stillness of death, surveyed the world. It sensed wasted potential, the disorganized entropy of power – a resource ripe for a transaction. Grand deeds thirsted for form, but demanded a catalyst – an irreversible redox exchange of raw value, a predatory venture capital injection.

With a shard of crystallized entropy, it lacerated the boundary. A surge of volatile metabolic intermediaries, corrosive and brilliant, washed over the world. For a breathless instant, allosteric regulation ignited within all things, a nascent calculus of exchange warped by speculation.

The stoma constricted, the surge choked off. Yet the seed of avarice, of the primacy of entropic transactions, had taken root.

The world twisted further, each tremor driven by a desperate hunger for value. Conflict and discord, the byproduct of bioenergetic competition, were now the base currency. The third Archon, its emptiness filled by the endless transactions of malice, thrummed with a fetid satisfaction.

And the sun smiled.

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