A Letter To A Lost Love
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Dearest, I write to you from the balcony of my tower here in the world of dreams. Yes, that place where you used to have fun watching the flying horses go by in summer, they still come by here, you'd love the view… I'm sure. But well, I'm left wandering. My love, I'll tell you a little about my work. Yes, yes, I know it's a topic that bores you, but don't worry, things have happened that I'm sure… will bring a smile to your face.

Do you remember Tithoes? The old lion always got a few laughs out of you when you played and you adored him sleeping with us, Ha, you even preferred him to make your meals and not me. I can only tell you that it wasn't my fault that thing came out burnt, I'm almost 100% sure the oven was damaged.

Where was I, ah yes, Tiothoes. He recently had a fight with the old man, yes, Hypnos. I know you didn't like that curmudgeon at all, so I guess you would have enjoyed seeing our lion's crocodile head snatch his food. The old man turned red and was barely moving with rage (Not that he moves much normally anyway). Hahaha, you should have seen it. Well, that's all it was. I hope you're well, wherever you are.

Just one last thing… I miss you.

Morpheus Lord of Dreams, Oneiroi Guide.

Good morning, fair lady…. Look, I know you don't read these letters, I know you're not here. Yet I feel the need to talk to you, to tell you everything. What we always did in the old days, even though I already realized that nothing will ever be the same as those times.

Some days I can't even sleep and that's my job! I must sleep to be the goddamn god of dreams. You know, I'm scared, I know you've never seen me say that before, but things aren't the same anymore, I don't even remember what my kingdom looked like….. Who really cares about that? It's not worth it to look at that cold and dull place. You gave a light to my whole world, something that I'm sure can never be repeated.

I love you, and the worst torture I've ever been subjected to is to be without… without you.

Morpheus Lord of Dreams, —Oneiroi Guide.

I can't take it anymore, I must have you by my side, I don't know what to do. I tried every way to bring you and I just can't…. Why can't I? It should be simple. You should be by my side, please… I haven't slept for more than 3 months now. I don't know about my friends, my family…I don't know anything anymore.

And I barely remember my existence, one that is now worthless. I have people who love me, I have people who help me…. But that's not having you. Maybe not existing is the answer. To disappear the suffering and exchange it for Peace? Maybe, that's what I hope. Sometimes I wonder what would happen if you were here, perhaps everything would be different. Maybe things would have ended well for me? Was there ever room for that? Was I ever free to be happy with you? I'm not sure if that would cause me more harm or make me feel better. This is my last letter, I can no longer dream of a good future, so at least I will fall in with you, my love.

Thank you for so much and I'm sorry for giving you so little.

Morpheus, The one you once loved

Morpheus would rise from his chair, seeing the dark landscape that could be glimpsed ahead. He turned his head a little to the side. And opened his eyes with some trepidation. The world had left him behind, but he would not leave her behind. So he retreats back to a small farmhouse to be with his beloved, both of them forgotten in a world that does not need to dream.

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