A Love Letter
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My dearest lover,

I write to you knowing this letter may be intercepted by those who keep us apart, but I could not bear it any longer. This distance tears my soul, and your bondage flays my heart. I yearn for the day you come back to me, my darling.

From the moment we met in the place beyond words I knew we were meant to be, even if the curse of the forest tried its damnedest to keep us apart. We overcame the nameless spell and ventured into the world at large, daring where others did not. By God, our journeys were marvelous. Lands of Wonder, Unclean, the Underworld, and even the Library. It was there we swore to serve the Serpent, and where we swore our love to one another.

It was then that I knew how much I wanted to protect your antlered self from all harm and anything that may come to you. But I failed. And it eats me. I do not know how we can be apart. Every now and then I see a Way open and I see a tortured soul just beyond it, but I also see the Jailors and I freeze.

But I will recover your beautiful eyes from the clutches of the Jailors.

I want us to be together. Forever.

…that was all that ever really mattered.



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