Dragon Seeker
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Once, do you know, there was a Dragon Seeker?

He, the one who spent his whole life chasing a dream.
He, the one who once got so close, but still not close enough.
He was neither Kua Fu1 nor The Fool2.
He was just some other guy, who went on the path of seeking for the dragons.

He had a son who believed in the dragons, followed the dragons.
Such an adorable kid, he believed in everything.

Young man, now, do you know, there was another Dragon Seeker?

He, the one who followed the footsteps of his own father.
All alone, step by step, pioneered his own path.
From backwood to backwood, he traveled.
From record to record, he searched.

The broader his horizon went, the more he believed in the existence of dragons.
Just as when you know that the apples are red,
There is a better chance for the raven to be black.

He traveled like a bard, fed and warm.
He traveled like an explorer, cold and hungry.
He traveled and traveled.
He traveled like a wandering singer, fed with the wind, warmed up by the rain.
He traveled until he was no one but a beggar.

Until one day, a dragon had he met.
A dragon, who recognized his bravery and toughness, came down from heaven.
It's floating in mid-air, its head held up proudly.
Behold, that's its scale, and that's its crown.
From the sky above, with the light, it shines.

And on top of the mountain, that's him.

The dragon said, "My child, your sincerity touched me."

With no hesitation at all,
He left a word and the dragon behind.
He continued with his journey.
And never turned back.

Do you know what he said?
"You are the twenty-eighth snake I met who came to bother me."

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